The Time Management Expert Course Will Be Opening in 1 Week! – Wednesday the 12th of Oktober

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I’ve had a number of people email me, asking when the time management course will be launching and what is included, so today I thought I should answer those questions;

1. We open in 1 week – Wednesday the 12th of Oktober.

2. Here is what you can expect from this course:

A Sneak Preview of The Time Management Expert Course
As the title promises, I’ve attempted to create a course that teaches a near perfect system for managing your time.
This is the exact same method I use to structure my days and the same I teach my students.
The basics of the program works for anyone, because the different techniques all become very individual.

Getting the perfect daily to-do list
The system revolves around knowing exactly what you should do, now, at this very moment.
We get there by combining your recurring tasks and your unexpected tasks with your ideas and goals.

In my old job I had very many recurring tasks, I was a sales manager so I knew that I had group meetings, individual coaching, my own selling and prospecting and sporadically recruitment. In my new job as a sales and marketing manager I have very few recurring tasks, no two weeks are the same. I still use the same system, but I have more focus on unexpected tasks now than I used to.

The Course is delivered as 24 Lessons:

Lesson 1: Course and System Overview
Lesson 2: Mindsets – Quadrant 2 Mindset, Single-Minded Focus, Start With The Most Important Task
Lesson 3: Weekly Plan
Lesson 4: Daily Prioritization
Lesson 5: Your Calendar
Lesson 6: Monthly and Yearly Plans
Lesson 7: The 80/20 Rule and Your 3 Most Important Tasks
Lesson 8: Bringing the first half of the equation together
Lesson 9: Inbox Overview
Lesson 10: Writing Things Down
Lesson 11: Filling Your Inbox
Lesson 12: Emptying Your Inbox
Lesson 13: Project Planning
Lesson 14: Adding to Calendar
Lesson 15: Filing
Lesson 16: Reviewing the Complete System
Lesson 17: Delegating
Lesson 18: Following up on Delegation
Lesson 19: What to do When Others Delegate UP to You
Lesson 20: The 80/20 Rule on Deleting Un-Important Tasks
Lesson 21: The Complete System
Lesson 22: Tweaking and Improving
Lesson 23: Where to go From Here
Lesson 24: You Are Now a Time Management Expert

That’s the basic course in a nutshell!

In addition, I’m offering a few extras:
1. 13 articles on stress management
Which teach you to better handle stress and multiple techniques to help you let go of unnecessary stress.

2. Procrastination Resources
During the next couple of months this is going to be a big focus point for me, so far we have added 3 articles on procrastination that all can make a huge difference in conquering this habit. During the next month we plan on adding many more to help you completely rid yourself of the bad habit of procrastination.

Everything is downloadable in mp3 format
You can read every article on the page, or download it to your ipod or mp3 player and listen to it as you do other things.

The Goal of the program
We want to save you over 2000 hours/year – giving you over 2 months of waking time to spend as you wish!

You can use this time anyway you want, I know people who would love to be able to balance their life better and spend more time with their family, people who would love to be more efficient at work or in school so that you can produce better results or just feel that time is the most precious resource we have, so why not spend it well?

In any case, the time management expert course will help you gain more of the precious resource, time!

That’s it for this update.
I’m really looking forward to sharing the course with all of you, I hope you feel the same!

Be the first to know!
We have set up an early notification list for the program, because of all the emails we are receiving. we see that there is a huge interest in the program. Sadly I don’t think we will be able to handle everyone at once. We will probably only accept about 100 members in the first round.

The early notification list will let you receive the information about the opening of the program first so that you don’t miss out on a spot.

Sign up now!


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