A Quick Question About Time Management

Today is going to be a short post, just a quick question.

You’ve probably heard me mention that I’m putting together a course called The Time Management Expert Course, a 5 month course that walks you through a complete time management system and can save you up to 2000 hours/year.

Right now, I’m almost done with the final draft with the hopes of releasing this product by the middle of Oktober.

My Question?

I know why I think Time Management is so important.

But I have no idea why YOU might think it is, or even if you do.

So here’s where I need your help…

In the comment area below, could you tell me the reasons you think Time Management is important? The biggest difference it would make in your life if you were better at time management, the one reason you would like to improve in this skill?

Your Reward?
In a few days I’m going to pick the best commentator from this list and give her/him a complimentary copy of this product. At this moment, this course is 70,000+ words of information. So you’ll be getting a valuable product for spending five minutes answering a simple question.



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18 Responses to A Quick Question About Time Management

  1. Melek says:

    My biggest problem in life ” time management”
    Why I want to improve badly? I love myself, my daughter,my friends and life and my job. I want to be able to give equal amount of time each one of them and live life fully&happy with no regrets of not being self disciplined.
    I like your emails! Keep it up x

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Malek,

      I can really identify on you with this one. Having time to spend with your family and friends instead of constantly having to work is a dream. One that can be reality, hopefully I will be able to help you out with your time management skills so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

  2. Timo Kiander says:


    I feel that the biggest reason I feel time management is important is because it basically self management

    You are able to open many new doors to your personal development too.


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Timo,

      I know you are always working on your improvement and Time Management skills are truly central in that effort.

  3. saumya says:

    i am a student so time management is important for me as i want to achieve higher goals in academics…it will save my tym frm unimportant tasks.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Saumya,

      You make a great point here. Becoming better at time management will really help a student, it can make a huge difference for you when it comes to results and being able to spend time with your friends instead of just studying all the time.

  4. Laura says:

    Since you asked, I will tell you. My problem with time management is lack of focus because there are so many distractions whirling around every minute. Our cell phone buzzes (mine is right now) telling us we have a text, email or someone replied to our comment on Facebook. (Thankfully I don’t have twitter on my phone) So what do I do when it buzzes? I immediately stop what I am doing, quickly looking down to see what came in. By the way, in case you were curious, it was a text from my husband telling me he has someone coming today to look at the pool. Could I have waited to know that until I was finished typing my post, uh sentence? Yes but I wanted real time information! Maybe it’s scientific – we have done it so many times that it has turned into an involuntary knee-jerk reaction to a certain stimulus. I don’t think we even realize we’re doing it anymore.

    At the end of the day, I think it feels good to be needed. We thrive off people’s approval and as long as they are talking to us, they must think we’re OK. Our worthiness is validated when someone presses “Like” on a post that we made or responds to our email. Who doesn’t Like that? Like begets Like. Our biggest fear is being forgotten, ignored, or not cared about. Are we really that needy? Yes, I believe we are. We humans have a innate need for connection and favor with our peers and in this electronic age, it has turned more immediate and more addictive than our morning coffee.

    All of this is a huge drain on our time, focus, and energy. We turn into bumper cars moving along nicely on a project until something distracts us, bumping us into a different direction. Then time’s up, game’s over – and where are we? We’ve done a million little things but that big project is still half started. So we start again the next day and the process starts all over again.

    Have you read the children’s book “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”? We should make an adult book called “If You Give an Adult an IPhone”. Oh good, I just got a Friend Request from a girl I haven’t seen since high school, I better go ahead and Confirm because….well, I don’t know why really…I guess because it’s there. I rest my point. Now I will turn my timer on for 15 minutes (that feels like an eternity), put my phone deep inside the bowels of my bag, turn off my email (gasp) and get some work done. I think the person who pays me to work 8 hours a day would appreciate that, don’t you?

    Thanks for letting me express myself because like I tell my kids, I have a lot to say if only someone would listen.


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Laura.

      I am here to listen so always feel free to talk.
      It really is easy to become distracted, as I am answering your comment me and my wife are listening to music and writing thank you letters for those who came to our wedding.

      Just that keeps you from being able to focus 100%.

      Hopefully the course will be able to help you focus and be more efficient.

      Thank you for offering your thoughts!

  5. 2 Reasons: 1) Time is the great equalizer; and 2) Time is the only “real” currency.

    1. Time is the great equalizer.

    We’re all born into this world under different cultural, financial, family and socio-economic circumstance. However, we ALL get the same 24 hours in each day. Bill Gates has no more hours in his day than I. The thing that distinguishes us as we grow from infant to adult is how we choose to do with each of those 24-hour periods. The better (and more efficiently) we learn to use those 24-hour periods, the more successful we can become.

    2. Time is the only “real” currency.

    It’s common knowledge that cash is only as valuable as the commodities or services that it can acquire for you. We often spend our time trying to obtain cash, so that we can, in turn, buy things or services. Most of us have traded our time for cash, and some of us have elevated to having our money work for us or having our knowledge work for us in a way that doesn’t require a time-for-money trade-off. At the end of the day, though, (no pun intended) no matter how one acquires things or services, it all boils down to what she did with the accumulation of her 24-hour periods. This we use the phrase “spending” our time.

    Daniel, having this view of time is the one reason why I want to learn to better manage mine. The biggest difference that mastering time-management would have in my life is that it would remove any excuse for not being able to accomplishing an goal that I have for my life.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Thanks Corlandos.

      You make a couple great points.
      Money is our most valuable resource. If you can get more done in less time you can produce more, make more and have more time to relax.

      I hope I can help you with your endeavour.
      Thank you very much for sharing your insights!

  6. John says:

    Wasted seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,years,decade,wasted Life?
    Better time management will help me add structure,focus and direction to my life.
    The numbers 1 reason I would like to improve my time management is I think it is fundamental to being both happy and successful in life by creating the time you need to spend time doing the things you enjoy and the things that will make you both happy and succesful.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey John,

      Wasted life, scary thought, isn’t it?
      I agree that time management really can turn a life around and make it easier to get balance between work and time off, between fun and obligations.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Michael says:

    i regret wasting a fraction of a second in my life coz life is short
    so, time management could help me better uitilize my biggest asset in life – time!
    With better management, not only will I have more time in my life to do things that I want, I will also have less regret or self-guilty for idling my life away.
    Btw, thank you very much for your emails and blogs – they are truly inspirational :)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Michael,

      I am glad you like my emails and my blog!
      Thank you.

      Time really is valuable, we need to charish the time we have and make every second count.

  8. Daniel, time management has always been a challenge for me. I have Adult A-D-D, and as such, sometimes it can seem like no matter how productive I am, how hard I work to get things done, I have an impulsive side that either distracts me from the task at hand, or I will spend too much time working on one thing (or the wrong thing). It can be a real pain. Your book sounds fascinating. I can’t wait to read it!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Bryan,

      Thank you for your input.
      I understand your problem. My friend has asbergers (not sure on the spelling, sorry) so he has a lot of problems with planning and goal setting.
      Getting the right techniques and tools can really help get a handle and make things easier.

      Thank you very much for sharing Bryan!

  9. Fred Tracy says:

    Time management… hmm…

    While I don’t think it’s as important as most personal development types do, I still consider it useful.

    Being a fairly spiritual person, I try to have as much spontaneity and easy going-ness in my life as possible. That being said, I still have a section of time set aside for “work” activities.

    And because the more I get done during this work. It means that more progress all have, it makes sense to apply effective time management techniques to this period.

    My time management stuff pretty much consists of finding what works most effectively in terms of generating traffic for my website. I constantly monitor my data to make sure I’m doing the right things. If something is more effective, I devote more time to it. That’s the crux of time management for me.

    However, when it comes other things (like content creation) I tend to work “off the clock” meeting all sit there and take however long it takes to get it done, because I wanted to be of high quality.

    So all time management may just be a small piece of the puzzle for me, it’s definitely a piece worth mastering.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Fred,

      You make a couple really important points.
      1. Life is about being spontaneous.
      2. Working on the right task is the heart of time management.
      3. It is better to take the time to do something well then have to redo it later.

      This is exactly what time management is all about.
      Freeing up time to be spontaneous, making sure you work on the right tasks and doing the tasks well the first time.

      Thank you for your input Fred!

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