Selling Through Relationships

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Today’s subject is a very interesting one.
There are many different ways of selling. One is by offering a great deal another is by offering a great product.
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The one that I like to use is by selling through relationships.
By creating a good report with the customer and cashing in on that built up trust is very satisfying.

If the customer trusts you and likes you; they will be more loyal, be willing to pay a higher price and be more willing to accept your shortcomings.

My regular sales cycle is by making a quick sell on a introductory product to get them used to open their wallet to me and giving them a chance to test our services.

The second step is by following up the customer and building a report, creating a value for the customer that isn’t only based on product quality.

This way I have them used to spending money and don’t risk going away without making a dime, as I already have sold once.

Once I have earned their trust I can start working on larger deals.

When they trust me and like me I don’t have to approach the sale as a salesmen. Most of my clients see me as a friend and I usually see them as one of mine as well.

This part of the process is very fun, because not only are you building the value of the customer into a highly profitable one, but you are also having a good time with them at the same time.

One thing that is very important though is that when you are their friend, you have to help them. Every solution you come up with, is for their sake.

The only reason you present them with an offer is because they will benefit from it.
If you can keep them believing this, you will never run out of sales opportunities.

Please leave your comments as I would much like to hear about your experiences and if this type of selling has worked for you in your industry.

//Daniel M. Wood

How to use relationships to sell.


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