10 Tips To Sales Success

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Last week I spoke to the top salesmen at my firm and asked them to give me their top 10 tips to be a successful salesman.
The best way to learn is by speaking to others and they gave some good tips and insights.

What was interesting is that they felt the same in many ways about what is important for being a good salesman.
Maybe this isn’t much of a surprise as they all work in the same sales climate.

I decided to test these tips and see if other top An Idea is formedsalesmen
felt the same. I asked some of my contacts in other companies to list their best tips.

They gave me almost identical answers!

After taking time to read through the lists and putting them together this is what I have to show for it. It is 10 simple things you can do and think about that will help you become a better salesman.

1. Set Goals and follow them up every day!
Set a goal for everyday, every week and every month. Follow up how you are doing and if you are on target on reaching your goals.
Every time you succeed with a goal, reward yourself! (I wrote more about this in an earlier post Reward Yourself For Accomplishing Your Goals)

2. First in the morning, last in the evening.
The best salesman is the most ambitious salesman. Be the first to come in each morning and the last to leave. It gives you time to structure your day. In the morning when you come into work you can calmly prepare for the day to come and in the evening when you leave you know exactly what you need to do tomorrow.

3. Most pick-ups win!
If you make the most calls, you make the most sales. The logic is simple and the effects enormous.

4. Keep your mind on the goal.
Don’t loose focus on your goal. Every hour of every day focus on it and work hard from morning until you pack up to leave.

5. Never give up!
Everyone has a bad day, even a bad month. Don’t let it get you down. Have you sold to one you can sell to them all. If you have a bad day let it fuel your conviction to come back tomorrow and fight.

Competitive people work hard to succeed6. Never settle for second place.
The best salesmen have a drive to be just that. The best! As long as someone else is beating you, you are not perfect. Learn and improve until you are perfect.

7. Live healthy.
To be the best you have to work the hardest, every day. You need constant energy and that takes a strong body and mind. Take care of yourself, eat well, train regularly and remember to take a break from work once in a while.

8. It is okej if the customer hangs up.
It is better to try one time to many than one time to few. In every sales meeting, go for the close at least 10 times. 85% of all closes come after 5 attempts. If you stop at 4 you missing 85% of all your closes!

9. Use every step of the sales process.
You are never better than the weakest link.
Go through every step of the process with each customer.

10. Practice, Practice and more Practice.
Just like any sports star, sales takes constant practice. Practice every angle of your job and do it often. Practice makes perfect!

I would also like to add a 11th tip of my own.

11. The one who understands the customer the best wins in the long run.
If you can identify with your customers problems, needs, hopes and dreams you can really get inside their minds and find their sweet spots. This will help you close more deals but if will especially help you whilst you are building up your customer base.

To your ongoing success!

//Daniel M. Wood


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3 Responses to 10 Tips To Sales Success

  1. Yess love your blog! Its good to hang that somewhere you can see that the whole day so you stay motivated. And if i may personal ad Be Personal…Realy..Be personal, give them what they need not what you think they need…Thats truly giving.

    Have a Lovely day,

    And thanks for sharing your wisdom Daniel!

    Peace And Blessings,

    Roxanne Riedeman-Born2hineBright

  2. Daniel M. Wood says:

    Hello Roxanne,

    Thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind comment.
    I hope to see you here again and hope that you continue sharing your thoughts and experiences with us all.


  3. Elinor says:

    Yess love your blog! Its good to hang that somewhere you can see that the whole day so you stay motivated. And if i may personal ad Be Personal…Realy..Be personal, give them what they need not what you think they need…Thats truly giving.

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