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12 Confidence Boosters

Motivation and confidence go hand in hand. When you increase your motivation and start achieving results your confidence increases. It is important to know that you are a powerful being and can achieve anything. When you create the motivation to … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Set Career Goals

Goal setting is very important if you are to achieve results in any area of your life; Studies have shown that people who have set goals achieve about 10 times as much as those who do not. The act of … Continue reading

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Product Review: Real Mind Power Secrets

Psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were the ones who really started digging into the subconscious mind. They proved that the mind is many levels deep. It isn’t only the conscious mind but also your subconscious and the ego. … Continue reading

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50 Motivational Thoughts

Hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend. Here is our Friday list. Today we have a lot of different motivational thoughts that have helped me and inspired me when I have needed it. I hope you will find … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #7 – Letting it all out, Singing, Screaming

Have you ever felt like you are about to explode? That you just have to much bottled up? This is a common emotion, especially if you haven’t found a way to vent those emotions. Depression I am glad to say … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #6 – The Master Decision (be happy)

Today we come to a very interesting part of this motivational series; Making the decision to be happy. I have had a lot of problems finding true happiness. Life is hectic, our expectations and fears keep increasing, I believe this … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #5 – Motivating Yourself with Self – Affirmations

The most stupid but effective tool to increase motivation and self image for me has been self-affirmations. I learned a long time ago to tell myself “I like myself!” and strangely this exercise has increased my motivation and my sense … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #2 – Planning for Your Goals

As we discussed in the last part of this motivational series the clearer your goals are the more motivated you will be. Creating a complete plan of how you are going to succeed will make the path you are on … Continue reading

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Your Path to Your Dreams E-mail Course is Live!

We are finally ready to launch our email course. It has taken a lot of hard work and a lot of study. The project started about 6 months ago. This blog was just starting to take off and I was … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #1 – Setting Your Goals

I have had a lot of motivational problems When I was growing up motivation was a big problem for me. My view of life was that I would finish grade school, finish high school, finish college, work 40 years and … Continue reading

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