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Being Humble and Setting Goals

Something I and many of my students have faced when setting goals is the social norm of being humble and not blowing your own horn. In Scandinavia there is a “rule” called “Jante-lagen” which means that you shouldn’t brag, shouldn’t … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Set Career Goals

Goal setting is very important if you are to achieve results in any area of your life; Studies have shown that people who have set goals achieve about 10 times as much as those who do not. The act of … Continue reading

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How do You Set Goals If You Don’t Know What You Want?

I often get emails or comments from people asking me different questions about personal development. Since I speak a lot about goal setting it is common that the questions are related to that subject. One of the most common questions … Continue reading

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The 8 Steps of Goal Setting at Pick The Brain

A great deal of research has been done on what differs the hugely successful with the rest. Many have tried to prove that it has to do with your inate skills or smarts. A common denominator that has been proven … Continue reading

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Motivational Tip #1 – Setting Your Goals

I have had a lot of motivational problems When I was growing up motivation was a big problem for me. My view of life was that I would finish grade school, finish high school, finish college, work 40 years and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Focus on Your Goals at Lifeforinstance.com

Goal setting is something I discuss often here at Looking To Business, I think it is the most important part of success, I have written about it here and here and discussed it on this podcast. When Lori asked me … Continue reading

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Your Path to Your Dreams Episode 2 – Goal Setting and Success

This is the second episode of Your Path to Your Dreams. First of all I want to apologize for the long delay between the first and second episodes, I am planning to have them come out at regular intervalls from … Continue reading

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How to Set Goals That Will Excite You

Anyone will tell you that setting goals is required for success. “If you do not know what you want, you won’t be able to go after it.” Setting important, worthwhile goals for yourself is an extremely important part of success … Continue reading

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The Secret to Success – The Ultimate Goal

Most people have dreams and the most successful have goals, written, repeated and practiced. But very few have an Ultimate Goal for their efforts. Most of us are trained to aim for a goal, but as soon as we have … Continue reading

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7 Things you Should do if you want to succeed

Success is all about knowing what you want and how you are going to get it, and then doing it. I have seen hundreds of people succeed, thousands fail and others take their first steps towards success. Every journey is … Continue reading

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