How To Choose A Lawnmower

There are several types of lawnmowers, but the most popular option is an electric one. So, in this article, we will talk about this type.

First of all, when you purchase an electric mower, you should consider some of the nuances:

  • the density and composition of the grass that you are going to cut;
  • the shape and size of the “experimental” area;
  • terrain

Once you decide with nuances, you will know exactly what details you need to pay special attention to when choosing an electrical device.

Take into account one important rule: do not allow the grass to grow much – mow more often. High grass is very difficult to cut. In addition, it becomes stiff and less attractive.

A standard electric wheeled lawn mower is not able to “take” grass to the waist unless you remove a collection of grass and raise the mower on its back. But it will be very long and extreme work. If you miss the moment, it is better to take a scythe and, like our ancestors, go ahead, with dew along with the song.

A lawnmower is designed for lawn mowing, but do not worry if you are not planted the grass purposefully. You can give your site a beautiful view. If this is done regularly, the mown area will be attractive: weeds will disappear and the ground will be covered with mowing-resistant grass – bluegrass, clover, and others, depending on the composition of the soil on the site.

The advantage of natural lawn:

  • it does not require maintenance because self-regulation is carried out the composition of grass
  • lawn adapts to climatic conditions

Let’s consider the components of an electric lawn mower. What you need to pay special attention when choosing a garden “hairdresser”.


Well, if there is a volumetric collector. Even if there is not a large area under the lawn, it is extremely inconvenient to often run with a crowded grass collection to empty it. If you do not live in a country house all the time, it is easy to miss the time of mowing and allow the grass to outgrow. In this scenario, a large collection of herbs will be needed all the more.


The body or deck is the component of the mower that covers the blades. Decks are made of three types of material:

  • aluminum: the deck, in this case, is the most optimal, but at the same time the most expensive option; rust-resistant aluminum is lighter and stronger than steel, and the manufacturer’s warranty for such boards is about ten years;
  • steel: it is durable. The cost of such lawn mowers is much higher. But at the same time, it will not be possible to avoid problems at all – steel, as you know, is subject to corrosion;
  • plastic: used in the light, not expensive models. When a powerful electric motor vibrates, plastic quickly becomes unusable.

If your lawn is small, there is no need to chase powerful, expensive and large models of electric lawnmowers, for example, with an aluminum deck. Even plastic will serve you in good faith in a small area of the territory.

Mower Wheels

If the lawn has an uneven surface, with ravines and slides, then buy a lawnmower with wide wheels. This model is easier to pass the bumps – the wheels do not fall off. The unit with small wheels is confused in the tall grass. Choose a lawnmower with bearings on wheels – they are more reliable.

Grass cutting height

Adjusting the height of cutting grass is carried out in one of three ways.

The first one is inconvenient, but the simplest: you need to fasten an axis on the deck into a new hole every time you want to change the cutting height.

The second option is also not convenient, but you can improvise with the height of the wheels – using the lever on the wheels of the mower.

The third option is the most optimal: the lawn mower is equipped with a central cutting height adjustment. You lightly press the lever or button (depending on the technical side of a particular model), and your lawn mower rises or falls.

Motor power

Power of an electric motor within 800-3000 watts. The larger the area, the more powerful the electric motor is needed, otherwise the motor will “burn out”.

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