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What to do When Others Delegate UP to You

Every day we get tasks piled upon us and we have to decide what to do with them. As I see it tasks can be handled in 3 ways; Either you do them yourself, delegate them to an employee or … Continue reading

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6 Effective Time Management Skills

As we recently ended our time management series I thought it appropriate to share with you 6 time management tips that I have found to be very useful to me and that have received a lot of attention. By using … Continue reading

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Following up on Delegation – Coping with Stress at Work

In the previous part of this Time Management series we discussed delegation and how important it is. When you delegate you borrow others expertise and time, to complement your own. By delegating you can have 10 people working full time … Continue reading

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Dealing With Stress at Work – Learning to Delegate

Micromanaging is a pest both for managers and for employees, having to check up on every task, every activity takes an incredible amount of energy and leaves your employees feeling as though you don’t trust them. People are your most … Continue reading

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How Doing Everything Yourself is going to Get Nothing Done

What causes most businesses to fail is a leader who cannot let go; who cannot delegate and doesn’t trust others. The same goes for people, most people fail because they don’t ask for help. They try to learn everything themselves … Continue reading

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