Reward Yourself For Accomplishing Your Goals

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Today we are going to look at something people often forget.

To Reward Yourself!
Often people, especially salesman, are very good at setting goals.
But what happens when you have achieved them?
Often not so much, you cheer and set up a new goal.

But just like a computer the mind can be programed.
If you program your mind to want to succeed, you will be able to push yourself further than you ever have before.

To program your mind you just use the easy relationship between “Cause and Effect”.
If you fail something, it hurts! If you accomplish something, it feels good!

This will get your body and mind hunting for success.
Men Cheering Victory
The best way to do this, is set up a goal for your week.
Example: “If I make 10 sales this week I will get a new chair for the living room.”
And in the same sense set up a punishment if you fail.
Example: If I on the other hand make less then 6 I get no beer this weekend!”

This easy exercise will keep you focused on completing your goals.
It will also help you when you have a good day to keep going.

In the above case you might have sold 4 times in 1 day, which would be great. You feel you can just sit back and relax the rest of the day.

But you haven’t completed your weekly goal yet!
When you are having a good day use that and try to sell 6 or 7 times. It will make the week awesome and get you very near completing your goal.

One more reason to reward yourself is that you are worth it.
If you break your personal best don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and enjoy the moment.

It will help you do it more often.

Good luck in your success!

//Daniel M. Wood


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2 Responses to Reward Yourself For Accomplishing Your Goals

  1. Good Evening, I do not normally post feedback on web, as I prefer to read only. However I find the post that you have created earlier has very insightful information, and I discover it very informational. I was searching on Google 4 goal setting & anger management information & found your valuable post. Could you create something the same insightful on ways to manage anger? Cheers. Jere Mathia

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hello Jere,

      Thanks for visiting.
      I am glad you found my post useful.

      Anger is a completely different subject in which there of course are many different forms.
      If it is just a brush of anger the simple technique of taking a deep breath and counting to ten before acting is enough.
      On the other hand if anger has more deep routed manifestations it is possible that there can be a underlying hurt of irritation that is the cause of the anger.

      The way I handled it with myself (I have been very angry in periods of my life) was go through my life, realize that I am responsible and forgive everyone who has wronged me.

      I would love to expand on the issue if you wish.


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