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One of the most important things as a salesman is your motivation.
The thing you tap into to increase your stamina and energy.

But where does motivation come from?

Motivation comes from wanting something, either it is financial, a career goal or family related goals.

We all do want something. If you thought about it right now you could tell me about your dreams and wishes.
Sadly not many people believe in their dreams.

This is one of the largest sources of depression in today’s society.
We all want a lot and there is opportunity, but we don’t believe we can achieve it.

Let me tell you now. You can complete your dreams.
There are thousands of examples of self made millionaires and millions of people that live their dreams.

The first step is realizing exactly what you want.

Fulfilling a dream

This exercise I’m about to share
with you is a great place to start.

Please get a pen and a paper.
Now in 2 minutes write down your 4 highest dreams.
One financial, one career goal, one family related and one health goal.

You only need 2 minutes. By working under that pressure your true dreams usually are shown. Remember you only do this for your sake so don’t be shy. Dare to dream.

Now pick up a new paper and based on your first list write down goals you have for the next 12 months.
One financial, one career goal, one family related and one health goal.
Be specific. Don’t write; “I want to loose weight.” Write; “I want to loose 10 Pounds.”.

For the final step get a new piece of paper.
Write down these goals in active form.
Example; “I have lost 10 pounds by July 1 2010.”

Always put a deadline on your goals.

Now that you have this list of things you want and are going to complete in the next 12 months, hang this list up on your bathroom mirror. Every morning and every evening, read the list.

Focus everything you do on achieving these goals. If you have set a financial goal of doubling your income than only do work that pays twice as much.

This exercise is done by about 2% of all grown ups. Pretty much everyone that does this is better of then the 98% that don’t.

It helps you focus your efforts and motivate you even when things are going hard. Just look at the list and you will remember why you are working hard. It is a source for energy, motivation and happiness.



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