How to Set Goals That Will Make You Rich

To succeed, you need to know what you consider success. To be truly happy about where you are and where you are going, you need to know what your dreams are.
Becoming Rich
Setting clear goals in writing is a great way to get clarity, focus and motivation.

The first time I learned about setting firm, measurable goals in writing, was from Brian Tracy.
I learnt that you should write down your most important goals in the 4 major areas of life; Family, Health, Career and Financial.

I was always ambitious so I decided to try it out and see if it could help me succeed.
I’m not going to boor you with details but I set my goals high.

For the next 3 years I worked harder than ever before, I felt more motivated and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I completed several of my short term goals, got further than anyone had expected in that time and achieved my first long term goal.

The sensation I felt was incredible. I had completed my goal, I had done it!
For about 3 weeks I flew on cloud nine.

I looked at the rest of my goals and again renewed my efforts to complete my goals in the other 3 main areas of life, with a motivation and conviction that I could complete any goal I set for myself I started working on the other goals.

Setting goals has changed my life, only for the better, I have a lot more financial security, I have career I am pleased with, I have a wonderful wife and I am in better shape than ever before.

These 7 steps to goal setting will help you achieve anything you put your mind to.

1. Long term goals in all 4 major areas of your life.
The 4 areas are Family, Health, Career and Finance. You need goals in all areas.
Start by setting your long term goals.
To do this, imagine your life as perfect, as if you already had the perfect family situation, were in perfect shape, had your dream career and had accomplished your financial goals.

Write down those long term goals.

2. Short term goals in all 4 major areas of your life.
A short term goal is like a milestone on your way to greatness; generally they are about 1 year down the line and help you follow your progress on your long term goals.
Make sure the short term goals motivate you to work hard on their completion.

Write down your short term goals.

3. Deadlines
Set deadlines for each goal. By what date do you want to have completed your goals.

4. Measurable
It’s important that all your goals can be measured. You need to know when you have succeeded. For example don’t write “I want a lot of money” instead set an exact figure “I want to have 5 million dollars”.

5. Write your goals in the positive, present tense and add your deadline.
Write down your goals as if you had already completed them. In other words “I have 5 million dollars” instead of “I want 5 million dollars” and then add the deadline. “I have 5 million dollars by the 31 of December 2014.”

This activates your subconscious mind to start pulling events and opportunities to you. It also helps you follow your progress and gives you a definite target.

6. Make plans for your goals completion
Write down how you plan on completing each goal.
For example:
“I have 5 million dollars by the 31 of December 2014. I have made this money by selling a company that does this and this and sells that. I will first start the company as a part time job until I have enough customers to move over full time, from there I will ….” and so on until you have a comprehensive plan for its completion.

Now you have a definite plan of action.
Your plans aren’t set in stone though. Read “Your Master Plan” for more advice.

You will not get your plans right the first time.
You will fail, what is important is that you learn from your failure and use it to succeed.
To succeed you need to fail, there are lessons you need to learn. What is important is that you believe that you will succeed. The only thing that needs to be changed is your plan.

Each time you fail, go back to your plan, use the knowledge you have acquired from your mistakes and make a new plan to take action on.

7. Put the paper somewhere you will see it every day.
Either tape it to your bathroom mirror or put it beside your bed. What is important is that you read it every morning and evening.

By setting goals in this fashion you will start making them a reality. This article draws upon the research made by Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey and many more.

By clearly stating your goals you will be following the same methodology as some of the richest men alive.

Your future is out there, just go and get it.

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