Facing the Brutal Facts and Updating Your Plans as You go Along

With new realities many of our goals and plans will become obsolete.
You will change and might not want the same things or outside reasons might make some of your goals impossible.

Don’t let this frighten you!

Look at your goals continuously, face the brutal facts of reality and update them.
Keep working on your plans and change them when needed.

A common mistake
Have you ever been in a discussion with someone who just wouldn’t admit that they were wrong, no matter how many times you proved it to them?

People hate being wrong, we will do anything not to see it.
This is to protect our psyche, to accept being incorrect is often identified with accepting defeat.

That is why it is so easy to fall into the trap of never being able to accept that your goals, dreams, plans or ideas might not pan out. When that happens you might stay on a course of action much to long instead of quickly making some course corrections so that you still can reach your goal.

If you learn to see your own mistakes, accept them, learn from then and use the new knowledge to your advantage, you will be one of the most successful people in the world.

What is most important is that you keep in mind that you will succeed in one form or another, you will be a success.

How to handle new situations
Every time a new piece of information comes in, it could be an offer for a business opportunity, a product launch that went well or poorly, or anything else, evaluate how this affects your overall plans and your long term goals.

Don’t be afraid to make changes to your plans, embrace it, because if you make the necessary updates you will be putting yourself at least one step ahead of your competition who probably aren’t as proficient at making the necessary updates.

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3 Responses to Facing the Brutal Facts and Updating Your Plans as You go Along

  1. Einar says:

    Good tips! Human beings sure hate changes :)

  2. Fred Tracy says:

    Yeah, I’ve been in both situations where the other person wanted to feed just to see their ego. I mayyyyyybe may have even been that person, once or twice. ;)

    It’s true though, we gotta suck it up and face reality and implement that into our continuing plans if we want success.

    Great article.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Fred,

      It is sooo easy to fall into that trap.
      But hopefully we can learn to be better at facing the facts and making improvements :)

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