Being Humble and Setting Goals

Something I and many of my students have faced when setting goals is the social norm of being humble and not blowing your own horn.

In Scandinavia there is a “rule” called “Jante-lagen” which means that you shouldn’t brag, shouldn’t think you are special and shouldn’t try to be special. The rule is slowly dying out with generation X taking more and more room, but is still strong in our society.

When you set goals it is not very humble, you are saying “I am good, this is what I want and I am going to get it!”
Many of my students have faced ridicule, as have I, for setting high goals.

Courage is a virtue
To stand up for yourself and say; “I will have what I deserve and if it turns out others deserve it more, I’ll help them get it too, there is enough for everyone” takes courage, a lot of it.

But it is this courage that will make you successful and will help you overcome other problems you will face on your way to greatness.

If you cannot tell people what you want, how can you expect to get it, how will you act when you have it?

It is important to set goals, to have the courage to set goals so that you can get the help goal setting gives you (below you will find other resources about goal setting and its importance).
When you set goals you unlock your potential, you start to focus and you start moving faster towards your goals.

Humility is a virtue
Everything must and can be done in moderation; you don’t have to brag about your future life. Instead work focused towards your goals and let your results speak for themselves. If anyone asks where you are going, be honest and tell them about your goals, but don’t push it upon them.

It is this balance of discussing your goals and staying humble that will make you liked, loved and successful.

It is a hard balance, but now that we have addressed it, I don’t think you should spend too much time thinking about.
Instead be yourself, set your goals and work towards them. If it feels natural to speak about them, speak, if you want to keep them to yourself, do it. As long as you know what they are and you are comfortable in the situation.

The important thing is that you don’t let fear of ridicule or breaking norms hinder you from setting goals and realizing your potential.

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