100 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

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Personal development is a very broad subject. Thousands of books have been written, some over a thousand years old. For the last several years I have studied the subject and on the 1 of January 2010 I started this blog to help others profit from my research.
Another day has past but we are still here.
Today is our 10 month anniversary!
To celebrate this I wanted to share something special with you all.

100 Ways to turn a day, a life, a career, a relationship or a situation, around.

1. Breath deeply for 5 minutes

2. Take a walk

3. Go for a jog

4. Get a cup of coffee

5. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and start with number 1

6. Give yourself a reward for finishing a task

7. Call a friend

8. Call your spouse

9. Set a goal for your week

10. Change task but keep working
Mixing things up helps you relax. Their is always something else to do.

11. Decide what your most important use of your time is and focus all your energy on that

12. List all of the problems you are facing and write down solutions

13. Solve the problems you are facing

14. Turn on some music

15. Get some sun light

16. Read a motivational article

17. Tell yourself “back to work! Back to work! Back to work!”

18. Decide to be happy

19. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen?

20. Do something impulsive

21. Dress up

22. Dress down

23. Go to the gym

24. Do someone else a favour

25. Scream, let it all out

26. Read a book that makes you happy

27. Research if anyone else has had your problem before and see how they solved it

28. Talk to your boss and try to find a better way of doing things

29. Turn off all distractions so you can focus

30. Get a water bottle so that you don’t need to get water every 5 minutes

31. Drink plenty of water

32. Eat a big breakfast, decent lunch and small dinner

Have some fruit on your desk for a snack

34. Think of something that inspires you

35. Reward yourself when you have done something well

36. Think about the reward you will get when you are done

37. Remember; Hard work pays off

38. Patience is a virtue

39. Temporary defeat is just an opportunity to prove how persistent you are

40. If you want something enough, you will get it.

41. Get help by finding WIN/WIN opportunities

42. Read personal development

43. Punch a punching bag to release your anger

44. Relax in a sauna.

45. Go for a swim.

46. Talk to a stranger.

47. Drive about in your car.

48. Watch a funny movie on Youtube.com

49. Let people know on Facebook that you are down (the responses might help you turn your day around).

50. Meditate for 30 minutes

51. Review your goals

52. Visualize your goals

53. Think about what your life will look like in 5 years

54. Think about your children (if you have children).

55. Ask what your hero would do.

56. Recite “I am Happy Today!” until you feel it.

57. Three times repeat, Ahh! Loudly. (It really does help).

58. Tell yourself “I love my work”

59. Accept your faults (this is tough, but if you can you will feel true relief).

60. Take responsibility for your decisions.

61. Make love to your spouse.

62. Spoil yourself, take a night out on the town.

63. Go dancing.

64. Watch a motivational movie, like the pursuit of happiness for example.

65. Listen to a podcast on personal development.

66. Sing out loud.

67. Write an “I am grateful for…” list.

68. Take a moment to think about the wonders of life.

69. Do something extraordinary.

70. Ask someone for help.

71. Gather some people you trust, be it colleagues friends, family and have a workshop to solve your (and their) problems.

72. Imagine your life as perfect and write down 10 things that need to happen in order for that to become reality.

73. Look at some pictures from trips you have taken. Remember the fun you have had.

74. Make a list of the 100 top goals for your life, put the list away and then review it in 1 year. You will be amazed at how many you will have completed.

75. Do something you can be proud of later.

76. Whenever you want something and don’t get it at first, ask for it once more (it will surprise you how many times it is the last little effort that gets you results).

77. Sometimes life requires you to be tough (the nice guy can’t always win).

78. Building relationships is what will get you ahead.

79. Friends and family above all else.

80. Plan your week so that you can spend as much time as possible doing what you love.

81. Go to a seminar on personal development

82. Take a trip somewhere you have never been before.

83. Get a massage.

84. Get a full physical and make sure your body is in good shape.

85. Call an old friend and try to build the relationship.

86. Start with something small and easy to do. Reward yourself for completing it. Keep doing it over and over again until you have started working on your most important tasks.

87. Dream about your perfect life. Imagine it was real. Imagine that you could make it a reality if you really wanted to. Then read the article “How to set goals that will make you rich” and start working on making your dreams reality.

88. Let yourself do whatever you want for 15 minutes. Just take your mind of problems, then get back to work.

89. Search for motivational quotes on Google.com find three you like and print them out. Put the paper somewhere you will see it.

90. Start an office competition, whoever produces the best results wins!

91. Send someone you love an e-card telling them that.

92. Think about who you want to be. List all the attributes that person has. Start living by that list.

Soul Search: Who are you really? List everything you like about yourself and everything you dislike about yourself. List anything else that makes you who you are. Go through the list add to it, subtract and move the things around. Once done, start working on the dislike list, improving the things you don’t like.

94. Set a goal for the next 12 months. If you complete it reward yourself with a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go.

95. Write your personal mission statement, see https://www.franklincovey.com/msb/ for help

96. Take a relaxing shower.

97. Think about some of your fondest memories and the feelings they remind you of.

98. Go on a shopping spree with some friends (Set a limit for how much you spend though).

99. Give someone a hug.

100. Smile! The simple act of smiling makes you happy.

Thank you very much for reading and for being a part of our 10 month trip.
I hope to see you again soon.

I would love to hear your thoughts about turning a day around. What more can you do to turn a day around? What did you think of this list? Is there something you think won’t work?

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16 Responses to 100 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

  1. Paul Castain says:

    This is an awesome list Daniel!
    Thank you for sharing it. I have passed it along to my network!
    Paul Castain

  2. It’s a good list – and well done for having blogged for the last ten months.

    Here are some more for the list:

    1. Look at a photo of your loved ones
    2. Play a game with your kids
    3. Put on a feel-good piece of music and dance around the room
    4. allocate 15 mins every day to do something for you

  3. Hi Daniel,
    Great list. How about adding one that says: If your day is going so bad, don’t try and turn it around. Just give yourself a break. Do something for yourself and come back to tomorrow.


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Good point Adrian,
      That is something many miss. You need to be able to give yourself a break once in a while :)


  4. - And sometimes, when your fingers are weary from list writing, and your eyes are droopy from list reading, just relax, stop, and give thanks for the power of human creativity and our ability to do great things together!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Thanks for the comment here Malcolm.
      It took a while to create the list, a little relaxation was in order.


  5. Yep, I’m thinking #61 tops the charts big D’ !! :-)

    What a stinking awesome list brother. Thanks for the 10 month celebration. Proud of you man.

  6. LaRene Ellis says:

    You have given 100 things that you should be grateful for. Be grateful that you can do anything or everything on the list. Gratitude brings you a lot of peace even when everything in your life is chaos.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Great point LaRene.
      Just being happy about what you have and how wonderful it is brings a calm that we all need.

  7. Vickie says:


    I am glad you are feeling better. This is a great list of things to do. I especially like number 44 relas in a sauna…..Yea thats the one I like. Thanx for the list


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Vickie,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.
      I agree, taking 20 minutes to relax in a sauna is great :)

  8. Number 100 is the simplest to do and one many forget about. Smiling always leads to better things. Thanks Daniel, great list.

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