The Dangers Of Missing The Needs Analysis

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In an earlier post ( Sales Process part 4 – Needs Analysis, Whats in it for me? ) I wrote about the needs analysis and why it is so important.

Today we are going to look into what happens if you don’t do an analysis and when you don’t have to do one.

The good thing about the needs analysis is that you learn so much about the customer. You figure out what trigger points they have, what they need and how you can help.

This is how you will look if you don't do a needs analysis.If you don’t ask them, you will have to guess, which means you probably will guess wrong!

But this doesn’t mean that every business needs or can do a needs analysis. Especially fast sales, like when working the B2C (Business to Consumer) market you need to get to the point ASAP and don’t have the time to ask a bunch of questions or you will loose the attention of the customer.

In this case it is possible to mix in the needs analysis in later parts of the sale.
When they say no, as they always do at first, ask them! This will tell you a lot about them and you can start a conversation, in which you can do your analysis.

The point is that you don’t always have the chance to use the analysis in the way that you would like, but there is always ways to learn about your customers.

Often customers are very much alike. If you have worked with the same product a while you will often be able to know before hand what type of a customer am I talking to and what will they question and what do they need answered.
This is a kind of collective needs analysis. If you can use learn about the market as a whole and about the different segments you might not have to know or ask much more than
“What type of a customer are you?”
Because if you know that you will know the rest!

Knowing your customer is the best way to sell to them.
As many have said before “Knowledge is Power” and in this case it truly is. If you know enough about your customers it is like reading their minds. You know what they need to hear to buy and what their doubts are.

By practicing needs analysis’s and reading your customers you will be better prepared for talking to customers.



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