Taking Over Others Customers

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A few days ago I asked you all to let me know what you would like me to write about. I am happy to say that I got a good amount of answers.

I will try to answer as many articles as possible in response to the emails I have received.
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So to begin.
I received this email just an hour after I published the article.

“…We have just had a lot of salesmen leave our company. My bosses have therefore given me a whole list of customers that I am to take over and try to develop.
The problem is that in our industry, personal chemistry is very important and I am afraid that it won’t go well.
Do you have any tips on how to take over others customers?”

This is a really great question!
I have had this problem myself earlier and worked together with some of my colleagues a few years ago on creating a system on how to take over others customers.

We put together a check list that we always use when old salesmen (or new) leave our company and we get to take over their customers.

1. Introduce yourself
Tell the customer that their old contact has left the company and has asked you to take care of his/her customers. Tell them how much you look forward to working with them and move on to step 2.

2. Are you happy with our service
Ask them about if they are happy with our service/product and about what their last contact did well and what they should have done better.
Promise to do all that you can to make/keep them happy.

3. Needs Analysis
Go through a regular needs analysis and see if they need more products or services in the future or if you have another product that might suite their needs better.

4. Product Presentation
Present your solution and match it to the customers needs and problems.

5. Close
Ask for the deal just as you would in a regular sales situation.

You will have to translate this “system” to your industry.
Every industry is different and has a different sales cycle.
In a “quick sell” industry you will probably do all the steps in the first contact. In more long term sales you might do the first two steps in the first contact and then the other 3 at other separate times.

I find that this is a easy way to show the customer that you care about their needs, build a report and show them that it still is a sales relationship.

I hope this was a sufficient answer to the question.

If not please comment on the post and I am sure a lot more people will be pleased to help (You can post as anonymous).



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