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I have just finished writing my series about the sales process and thought I would sum it up for you in one article to quickly give you a good overview on the subject.

As a salesman each day you will meet new people and new potential customers.
I have split the process of sales into 8 steps but you can of course dig deeper into each step creating many many more different parts which I plan to do in future articles.

Everything starts with your Activity level. The more people you call, meet and try to sell to. The more chances you have of making a sell.
I discuss the subject in the first part of the series.
Sales Process Step 1 – Activity

When starting a sales process you start by prospecting. Finding as good potential customers as possible.
It is easy to see the value of this. Just speaking to customers that really need your product and are willing to spend lots of money on it is a salesmans dream.
Sales Process Part 2 – Prospecting

Once you have found your customer it is important to quickly catch their attention. If you do not, you have no chance of selling to them.
Sales Process part 3 – Presentation, Do something unexpected!

Now that you have their attention you have the chance to ask them about themselves. About what they want, need and are looking for in your product.
These insights will make your job a lot easier.
Sales Process part 4 – Needs Analysis, Whats in it for me?

Now that you know what your consumer is looking for you can match those needs to your product.
If your product can solve your customers problems effectivly and you can convince your customer of it you have a very good platform when trying to close the deal.
Sales Process part 5 – Product Presentation, How can I help you?

No customer will leap headlong into the deal though. There will always be some resisistance and some questions that have to be answered.
Learn to meet them in a calm and porffesional manner.
Sales Process part 6 – Sales Arguments, Can you handle the heat?

Close the deal! You have to practise and test different techniques of closing the deal.
I have listed a few general styles in the seventh part of the series.
Sales Process part 7 – Closing Techniques, Be Brave!

You make the most money by having a lot of customers that buy off of you regularly. They require less work to maintain and often spend more money. There are many methods of making customers more loyal to you and your company.
I have discussed a general outline in the last part of the series.
Sales Process Part 8 – How to create loyal customers

Thank you very much and please leave a comment if there is any part of the series you especially want me to dig into deeper.

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