Sales Process Step 1 – Activity Level

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As a first topic I want to discuss something that i feel is one of the most important parts of sales.


When selling any product you always follow simple steps. Prospecting, presentation and so on until you finally close the deal.
All parts of the process are important but it all starts with the first step. Actually lifting the phone, knocking on the door, sending an email.

If you raise your activity level you automatically increase your sales. If you call 100 people in a day and make 3 sales, what would happen if you called 200 people?
well is math tells us that you would make 6 deals.

But if we analyze it further I can bet almost anything that you would make at least 7. The increased tempo in which you work gets you going keeps you on your toes.

It also gives you a chance to learn. Every time you go through the sales process you practice every step of the processes. By going through the sales process more times you practice each step more and become a better salesman.

That is why I think Activity is the most important part of sales.
What do you think? Do you agree? Maybe for different reasons, or do you think another part of the process is more important?

Hope to hear from you soon!



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