Sales Process part 6 – Sales Arguments, Can you handle the heat?

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This is the fifth part of my series about the sales process.
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In this fifth part of the sales process we will discuss the argument faze with a customer.

Sales ArgumentsWhenever trying to sell a product you will always face resistance. No one wants to make a mistake and everyone has been “screwed” by a salesman before. Therefor even though you have perfectly presented your product and everything sounds perfect, the customer will still be very unsure and rather say ‘no’ than ‘yes’.

If you have presented your product well the customer will usually not say just say no. They will try to find reasons to not purchase the product. Everyone always wants to be and act rationally. No one does though, what people really do is that they will follow their feelings and than try to rationalize it.

If you keep this in mind when speaking to a customer you can use this easily. It does, so to speak, go both ways. If someone really wants to buy from you they will rationalize their feelings.

Try to feed your customer with rational and emotional reasons to purchase your products. Answer their questions well and thoroughly though all the while moving them closer to the sell.

Be sure to be honest in your answers and in your product. If the consumer finds contradicting evidence to what you have presented it will most likely ruin the relationship and your chances to sell to the customer will be lost.

What is very important is to not let the customer control the discussion. You don’t want to let them steer the discussion away from the matter at hand, the purchase.
In everything you say you want to move one step closer to your closing arguments.

This is all I have to say about this subject at the moment, though I promise to come back to it in the future in a lot more depth.

Good luck to you and thank you again for reading my blog!

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