Sales Process part 5 – Product Presentation, How can I help you?

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This is the fifth part of my series about the sales process.
If you haven’t yet read my earlier posts I advise you to start with them.

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In this part we will follow the product presentation.

So far we have found a potentially valuable customer we have introduced ourselves getting their attention and we have found out about their wants, needs and hopes.

The next step is to show how our product can help the customer. Introduce your product casually and then show the customer how your products features will help them solve their problems.
It is also important to tell the customer about the weaker aspects of your product, may it be price, quality or service. You don’t want your competitor to be the one to tell the customer. Of course you must make sure to show the customer that your product will solve their problems and even though it has weak points, as does any products, the weaker sides aren’t as relevant to the consumers needs as the strong points.

Basically all you are doing is riding on the wind of your needs analysis.

If you have done a good needs analysis you already know all you need about the customer to make your product seem perfect.
Of course the customer will still have questions. Answer them simply and show that you are on top of the subject and will do all in your might to make them pleased.

In my next article of the series I will discuss the matter of answering the customers uncertainties in more depth.

Well thank you again for reading. I would love to get your feedback and hear your thoughts on the product presentation, either send me a tweet through twitter or leave me a comment and I will answer ASAP.



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