Sales Process part 4 – Needs Analysis, Whats in it for me?

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This is the fourth part of my series about the sales process.
If you haven’t yet read my earlier posts I advise you to start with them.

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Doctor doing a Needs AnalysisIn the fourth part I want to dive into the needs analysis and why you should do one.
If you don’t know what a needs analysis is, it is when you ask your customer questions, learning about their situation, needs and what trigger points they have. Once you have learned about your customer you can use this knowledge to easily make a close.

Many salesmen skip this step and after presenting themselves just start talking about their product and how great it is, what features it has and all the ways in which it can help the customer.
Once in a while you will actually find the right trigger points and the customer will agree that it sounds good and purchase your product.

But what if you always found the trigger points?
You would of course sell a lot more.

So to retrace our steps. You have found a customer that has a need for your product and has a potentially great future value for you and you have caught the customers attention.

Now you have the chance to learn about the customer. Ask questions.
Learn the customers needs, wishes and problems.
If you truly master the needs analysis you won’t have to talk much at all. You just ask questions leading the customer towards the sell and the customer will tell you all you need to know in order to close the deal.
The important thing is to not let the customer lead the meeting in the wrong direction. You want to steadily move closer and closer to the sale.

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