Sales Process part 3 – Presentation, Do something unexpected!

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This is the third part of my series about the sales process.
If you haven’t yet read them I advise you to start with them.

Sales Process Step 1 – Activity
Sales Process Part 2 – Prospecting

This part of the series will deal with your presentation.
I don’t mean product presentation but basically the first thing you say and do when you introduce yourself to a new customer.

So far you have identified the customer as potentially valuable to you and likely to be interested and have need of your product.

The only problem is that this customer has another job and is probably very stressed to complete his daily chores in time. He probably also has been contacted many times by other salesmen selling similar products.

So to be honest why would he waist his precious time on you?
One of the biggest problems for salesmen is that they won’t!

So what can you do?

You have to do something unexpected.
Put yourself in the customers shoes.
The customer is thinking, why should I listen? What is in it for me?
Now the easiest answer is to tell them straight out why you are their savior. But usually those speeches just fall on deaf ears. You are a salesman after all and no one trusts a salesman. What you want is to get the chance to have a discussion with your customer.

Before you talk about your product at all you want to do a needs analysis. I will go in to this topic more in my next article Sales Process Part 4 – Needs Analysis, Whats in it for me?.

But to get the chance to ask a customer about their needs you need to get their attention first.

This is kind of a dilemma. You have a product your customer needs. But your customer doesn’t have the time or the will to listen to you. You have to be interesting without telling them about your product and you have to tell them what is in it for them without knowing their situation.

The answer to this dilemma is to do something completely different.
As usual you should present yourself and tell them what company you are working for. Then ask a obvious question about the problem your product solves.

For example. If you had the chance, would you be willing to make more money while working, not harder, but smarter?

If I was trying to get you to start reading my blog this is a likely presentation that I would use.
Who would not say yes?

If you can get your customer to say yes to you, the door is usually open to do a needs analysis because now the customer also wants to know if the product will help them.

If you have the chance please share some of your experiences and presentations with me and my other readers.

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