Making People Take Action

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The one most annoying thing I have noticed as a salesman is that people hate taking action.Your own worst critic
Since then I have noticed that I am no exception.

The problem is that when we are trying to sell to someone, we have to get them to take action.
You will never get paid by creating a lot of “hot” customers if none of them every buy.

This is probably one of the most discussed topics between salesmen.

How do I get my customers to take action?

To understand that, we must understand our customers.
First of all, taking action means a risk. Making a decision, changing something means a risk. If things go bad, the one who took action will be blamed. At the same time the one who took action will also get the praise if it goes well.

The problem though is that usually a good decision is less acknowledged than a bad one.
I know once when we were planning a advertising campaign. I had realized that there was a complete segment of the market that was basically untouched.
We created a campaign and it was a complete flop. The reason no one had gone after this segment was because they were happy with the products they had and how they solved their problems.

It took me about 6 months to earn the trust from my superiors to do new campaigns.
Before this we had successfully marketed to earlier untouched market segments with great success. But when you make a mistake all of them are often forgotten.

Our customers are therefore afraid of taking action because they are afraid of getting retribution.

We have to eliminate their fear and create the fear that if they don’t take action, NOW! They will be missing out on a great opportunity.

This is hard, there is a reason I have spent hours talking to other salesmen who in their turn have spent hours talking to other salesman and so on and so forth, about this one problem.

I can’t say I have the answer.
One of the reasons I don’t have the answer is because every sales situation is different and so is every salesman and every customer. Something that might work for me might not work at all for you.

Today I got into a situation where I had a great offer but the customer wanted to wait. Usually I have all kinds of good reasons to why they should act now.
Today I didn’t, I was caught like a reindeer in headlights. There was no reason for him to buy my product today rather than tomorrow or even next week.

He of course waited until next week. We will see if I actually get the deal.

Usually I will say that we have a campaign meaning I can’t hold this price or that I can start working now and when he is ready to publish his add (I work with a job board) I will be able to publish it within 20 minutes or something like that.

What I have learned though is that I need to be prepared.
I need to have a list of reasons why a customer should by my product now. Because if I don’t know, why would they? And if they don’t see the reason, they won’t buy my product.

I would love to hear how you counter peoples fear of taking action.
Do you use campaigns? Try to gain their trust so that they have no fear of the commitment or do you have other techniques that you have found useful?

Good luck to you!



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