How Do We Buy? Part 5 – Closing Techniques, Different for different Situations and People

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This series is about the sales process from the view of the customer. We are trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and see the attempted sale out of their eyes.

In the first part of the series we looked at why some salesmen “Get through the door” and others don’t,

How Do We Buy? Part 1 – What Are They Thinking When We Call?.
In the second part we figured out how anyone can stand answering all the questions we have in the needs analysis,
How Do We Buy? Part 2 – The Needs Analysis, How Can They Stand Our Questions?
and in the third part about what happens when you match
How Do We Buy? Part 3 – Why A Customer Will Be Pleased You Present Your Product.
In the fourth we looked at the different reasons customers have questions after the product presentation How Do We Buy Part 4 – Why Do They Have Questions.

Now for the sale itself.
What is the customer thinking and feeling as we start using are closing techniques?
Why do we need them at all? And why don’t we always need them?

To answer the first question we have to look back at what has happened so far.
Something about this particular salesman and product caught the attention of the customer and he decided to listen to the proposition. Together the salesman and the customer figured out what problems where facing the customer and which ones he needed help in.
The salesman then presented her product as a solution to these problems and answered all of the questions the customer had.

What usually happens now is that the customer wants to thin through all the angles again, alone.
If the salesman lets this happen the customer will probably never be heard from again.
At this point you usually have to push/pull the customer over the edge and get them to take action now.

Different people react differently to different techniques and situation.
The customer is probably thinking; “Well it seems like a good idea and it should work. But I would like to discuss it with A,B and C before I make decision.”
The problem is that the friends of the customer haven’t heard the presentation and gotten all of their questions answered and are therefor likely to say “no”.

Better is to help the customer think; “Well I know this is the right decision for us, lets do it!”
Sometimes it takes a hard close to force this thought into the head of the customer (see my earlier article about closing techniques for more information on a hard close. Sales Process part 7 – Closing Techniques, Be Brave!)
But often it is better to nudge the customer in that direction, leading questions that will help the customer see the ease of the decision and the birlliance of taking action now.
Often purchases are made on feeling not rationality. Everyone loves to buy things. Make this purchase fun and feel right to the customer.

But what happens now that the sell has been made?
Why do some customers become loyal and others not? Even when the product does exactly what is promised.

In my next article on the buying process this is what we will be looking into.

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Daniel M. Wood


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