How Do We Buy? Part 3 – Why A Customer Will Be Pleased You Present Your Product

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In this third part of the buying process we are going to look at what goes through the customers head when we are doing our product presentation.

In the first part of the series we looked at why some salesmen “get through the door” and others don’t, How Do We Buy? Part 1 – What Are They Thinking When We Call?. In the second part we figured out how anyone can stand answering all the questions we have in the needs analysis, How Do We Buy? Part 2 – The Needs Analysis, How Can They Stand Our Questions?.

It is important to smoothly go from the needs analysis to the product presentation. When this is done right you will see “a light go on in the customers eyes”.
The customer has just told you all about their troubles and you have understandingly listened and asked intelligent questions. When you now present a solution the customer knows you know about his problem and if you present it in such a way that you prove you have understood the problems and found a way to solve them, well this creates a happiness and the report you need.
The customer might even start seeing you as a friend instead of as a salesman.

The respect you show by listening and understanding will be given back ten fold by the customer and the base of your relationship will be formed.

But a word of warning. If you just go through the motions and don’t show that you have listened and understood your customer will feel used. This will be shown by a massive amount of disrespect towards you.
but don’t be afraid, an important thing to remember is that the customer isn’t mad because you made a sales pitch. The customer has answered your questions because they want a sales pitch. But it is important to show that your product is relevant and your argument is on topic with the problems the customer has told you about.
If it isn’t all the talk before has been a waste of time and this very busy customer will be very angry that you wasted his/her time.

But if we have done all this right shouldn’t the sale make itself?
Why do they still have questions?
In the next part of the series this is what we will be looking at.



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