How Do We Buy? Part 2 – The Needs Analysis, How Can They Stand Our Questions?

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In the first part of this series, How Do We Buy? Part 1 – What Are They Thinking When We Call?, I wrote about how and why customers choose to listen to some salesmen and not to others.

In this part we will study what they think when we do the needs analysis.

To retrace our steps. The customer is very busy and has a lot to do. Lots of salesmen, knock on the door or call on the phone. Most of them the customer hangs up on or shuts the door. But once and a while one sneaks in. The customer lets that salesman in because he/she thinks that chances are that this one salesman will solve a problem for him/her and make life easier.

Now that we have gotten this far we can easily see why customers are so open to us doing a needs analysis. It is actually appreciated.
If done right the thought process in the customers head will be:
“Okej, let us together find out if and how you can help me.”

Therefor they will answer your questions.
Once you get them talking, people love to talk about themselves and their troubles so it will be no problem to keep them talking.
The important thing is to focus the conversation, steer it towards a sals and getting the answers you need.
If you don’t all that will happen is that the customer will talk for 40 minutes, said all that he/she needs to say and than thank you for the meeting and say “this was very nice, thank you for your help” and you will never hear from them again.

This knowledge and insight can really help us as salesman. Use that fact that people want to talk about themselves. Listen, seem interested and ask intelligent questions that lead them in the direction you need. this will definitely keep the customer happy and create the report that is needed to sell.

In the next part we will think about the product presentation and what the customer is thinking while and before we do it.

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