How Do We Buy? Part 1 – What Are They Thinking When We Call?

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This series will be a study of the buying process.

Salesmen usually see the process in their perspective, but usually miss seeing what the consumer goes through.
This is a valuable insight and shouldn’t be overlooked.
In my series about the sales process you can read about the sales process.
Summary Article About the Sales Process

First of all we must put ourselves in our customers shoes.
Just like us they work all day. Have a lot to do and are, like us, very pressured to do as much as possible in the few ours they are at work.
They have meetings, deadlines and as we usually talk to managers, they also have to keep an eye on their employees.
In the middle of all this a myriad of salesman knock on the door, call on the phone and all of them want “only” 10 minutes of their time.

As a customer, do you really have time to listen to all these offers?
Definitely not!

But you do have the time to listen to some. Especially those that can help you do your job better, faster and more effectively.
This is where the skill of a salesman comes in.

It takes a person about 10 seconds to form a picture of us, what we want and if it is relevant/interesting to them.
This means we have about 10 seconds to show our customer that we are worth listening to and that we will be able to help them do their job better.

Like the rest of us our customers love to take a brake in what their doing and think about something else. Listening to a salesman can be a great brake from their every day lives.
This is very useful. Call the customer, sound interesting and show that you can help them with their troubles.

If you do, a customer will be pleased you called.

Do you have any additional insights into the consumers point of view please share them.

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