Competitive People Sell More

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One of the most important traits to a salesman is being competitive.
Loving to win and hating to lose can be channeled into motivation, drive and ultimately success.
Competitive people work hard to succeed
The most usual incentive sales companies use is competitions. Having salesman compete with each other and themselves for prices and prestige.
Sales is hard work and when it isn’t going well it is a horrible profession.

The drive to never give up and never surrender is the salesman’s greatest ally.
It can help you when the goings are tuff and when the wind blows in your back you can use it to propel yourself to new heights.

Like all traits though it can be learned.
If you aren’t a competitive person at heart trying to become more competitive is a big step towards becoming a better salesman.

Imagine how it would be to be the best salesman at your company. Imagine the respect you would get from your colleagues and co-workers.
Also think about all the material things you will receive; prizes, bonuses and of course a pretty nice paycheck.

If all this isn’t worth working for I don’t know what is.



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