What Do You Need Help With? What Do You Want To Read About?

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

Tomorrow is the 3 month anniversary of my blog!
I just realized that I have spent 3 months writing about what I think is important, but I write this blog for two reasons;

First of all I love to coach others and help others improve and succeed.
I love seeing someone succeed after I have coached them. It feels as much as my victory as theirs.

Second of all, I want to learn and improve myself.

For the last months I have been writing posts about different aspects of sales that I think are important or that I have noticed that others in my environment have had problems with.

But if my advice is going to help you at all, it is better that I answer your questions and that we together discuss any problems you might be facing.
Hopefully we will all be able to benefit from this.

As you are reading my blog, I have to guess that you want to improve in sales or improve as a person.
Is there some aspect you would like me to discuss or that you would like to discuss with me?

If so, please leave a comment and I will either answer it directly or write a whole post about it.
If you don’t want to leave it openly, rather being more anonymous you can always email me, just use the contact form on my site.

Thanks again for visiting and for leaving your mark.



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2 Responses to What Do You Need Help With? What Do You Want To Read About?

  1. Congrats on your 3 month mark Daniel. You’re doing great things and this blog is quite valuable for anyone looking to improve their sales skills. Keep up the great work my friend!

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks a lot. Thanks for the praise and let me just say, right back at you. I have found your blog a great source for tips and inspiration!

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