Thanks for all the responses!

Hello and thank you for visiting.

First of all I want to thank everyone for all the responsen on my last post:
What do you need help with? What do you want to read about?

Over the next few weeks I’ll try to write as many posts as possible, answering the different subjects you wanted me to discuss. Mixed in with some articles about problems and situations that I face in my work.

I really look forward to hearing your feedback on these posts and hope that you point out anything that you feel I get wrong in the articles I write.
If you feel that something is different or I miss something or is special in your industry. Please, never hesitate to share your views.

That is the main reason this blog exists. It is ment to be a blog/forum where we all can discuss our views.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope my next articles will hold the level of quality you deserve.



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