New Tasks Take New Traits

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

I just realized that I haven’t really shared much of anything about my background.
As I want to help you improve in sales and hoping that you will share your experiences with me, I feel that it is only right that you know more about who I am.

Well, I know you don’t want to know everything about me, so I will just stick to what is important to what we discuss.

Something that really has effected my whole life has been my winning spirit. Every since I was little I have played sports. I have played; Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Floorball, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Basketball.Batter hitting a Homerun
I have never played with others my age, but instead playing on teams with guys at least one year my senior.

By playing under these conditions I have learned the value of hard work and noticed that I hate to loose.
I almost hate loosing more than I love winning. By this I don’t meen that I will try to avoid a confrontation I would loose, rather I try to work so hard that there never is a risk that anyone will beat me.

With this background I started in sales.
I scored my first sales job when I was 14 years old, I worked 3 evenings a week after school.
I sold heating systems for houses over the phone. I got a rudimentary training and was sent out to call my customers.

I learned a lot, for one I learned that it didn’t take more than 3 minutes of talking over the phone with a person to build a report and get them to trust me.
This is one of the things that I credit a lot of my success to.

Later I got into B2B sales and was again working by phone.
I sold, and still do, job board ads to Scandinavian companies who are looking for new employees.
I maybe should add that I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.
To my surprise though, I didn’t get to sell to Swedish companies.

Rather I was to sell to Norwegian companies and just to add to the twist. I was to sell to other sales companies. Meaning I had to sell to salesmen.

This is the same company that I work for now.
I have grown a lot since I started. I learned the value of hard work. In the sense that I am not a natural salesman, but a natural contender. I have always worked harder than my peers and it is the one reason I have excelled.

After about 6 months in the company I was promoted to assistant manager. At the time though it wasn’t much more than a role on paper, I did the same things as all the other salesmen.

But over the next year I grew in my role and became a captain of the sales team with our manager as the coach.

A year later I got my own department and encountered a lot of new problems.
I have always loved to coach others, I have done it in baseball and I have done it in sales. When I got my own department I set up a training program for my salesmen and drilled them daily.

It turns out that I have a knack for bringing out the best from my salesmen and the department I took over doubled their sales the first month.

Now I have gotten the chance to open our companies first office abroad. We are opening in Oslo, Norway.
So at the moment I am sitting in our Norwegian offices. I am the only one from the Swedish office moving over and have the chance to build the office from the ground up.

Last week I interviewed a few salesman, finding one that I felt was up to the challenge of working with us.

This was my first lesson of running an office, an interview goes both ways and I wasn’t good enough at selling our company.

He said no to the job and I am back to square one. I do have a few new candidates and hope to find another star among them.

This whole experience will teach me a lot I am sure.

In short this is a little about me, where I am from and where I am.
I also see that I have a lot to learn. First of all I need to get better at holding interviews. I also need to work on attracting applications.

Next step will be the coaching of a new salesman into a star and keeping them motivated over the long course.
I look forward to this and feel that I soon will have this office on its feet. No one knows where it might go from there!



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  3. cna training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Thank you for visiting and thanks for the praise.
      I hope to see your here again.

      I’ll try my best to keep the quality of my articles as high as possible.

  4. Sharon says:

    I simply wanted to say your site is one of the nicely laid out, most inspirational I have come across in quite a while. Thx! :)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:


      Thanks a lot Sharon.
      I am glad you like it and I am glad you visited.

      I hope to see you here again.


  5. I randomly browse blogs on the internet, and I find your article to be very informational. I’ve already bookmark it on my browser, so that I can view your blog publish once more later. Also, I’m wondering whether or not your blog is open for link trade, as I really want to exchange hyperlinks with you. I do not usually do that, however I hope that we will have a mutual hyperlink exchange. Let me know and have a fantastic day!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hello Stan,

      Thanks for visiting, I am glad that you have taken interest in my blog.
      I am open to link exchanges so that is definitely something we can pursue.


  6. I just couldnt leave your web site ahead of saying that i genuinely enjoyed the quality details you provide to your visitors..
    . Are going to be back again typically to verify up on new things you post!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hello Theron,

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for leaving your comment.
      I am glad you liked the post, I have tried to be as transparent as possible.

      Hope to see you here again soon.

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