Never Take No For An Answer

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Have you ever thought about why customers say “no”?
Have you ever wondered how they can say no to the great offers you give them?

Do you know what they are asking?

They are asking; why did he give up?

Too many salesmen give up much too early. In every sales instance the customer will say no, more than once.
This for a wide variety of reasons, It could either because they are unsure and need more information. But because they don’t want to sound dumb they just say no. They might want to see if you can lower the price, the best way to bargain is by saying no.

In any case it is important that you continue to argue your case.
If you don’t the customer won’t get the chance to buy your product even if they want to.
There is a golden rule to follow in these situations, 85% of all deals come after at least 7 close attempts.
This means that the customer has to say no at least 6 times before they will buy.

This means that you can never take no for an answer.

Because chances are that the customer isn’t saying no, they are saying; convince me!

Always take the chance when it is given to you and try to find new ways of presenting your product and try to figure out why the customer is saying no. If you can answer the real reason they are saying no, chances are that you will get the sell.

A rule of thumb that can help you when you are talking to a customer and they just keep saying no, you are ready to give up and start to leave, always try one last close attempt, give them one last chance and reason to buy your product.

I can remember countless times that I have given up on making a sell to a customer but because of this rule tried one more argument, it didn’t even have to be a good argument, and the customer bought the product.

Even if they don’t buy as a result of your last argument, you don’t lose anything by trying. You were about to give up anyway.

If you work on always making one last attempt you will learn to be more skilled at finding ways to go for the close. This way you can work more closing techniques into your sales calls and ultimately make more sales.

If you have the time please share some experiences you have had when all it took to make a sale was to make one last close attempt.

//Daniel M. Wood


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