It’s All About The Customer – Think About What They Want, Not What You Want!

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In all your actions with the customer, think about what their motives for making a purchase are. Saving time, saving money, making more money and on and on.

If you focus on that, you can more easily find their sweet spots and get a deal. Much easier than if you focus on what you want and keep focusing on you making money and them paying it.

When presenting your products show the customer how you can solve their problems. It will give them a reason to purchase them.

They are not looking for a way to spend money and they are very afraid of making mistakes. In all human action we try to avoid “pain” and move towards more positive stimulus. No Pain
Therefor a customer will not want to do something new that might cause them pain, loss of money or repercussions from your superiors. But if you can show that the risk of “pain” is small and the potential reward is going to be a lot bigger.

In every meeting with the customer, show them that you care about their well being. Small things matter, instead of just meeting them in the office. Take them out to lunch and pay for it.
Give them a choice of dates so that you find one that suites them. Offer to send them information so that they can be prepared for the meeting if they want to be.

Play the game by their rules and it will make them feel calmer and better about the whole ordeal.

One thing to remember though is that because you are respecting them and trying to show it. Don’t become a wimp. Don’t let them step on you and definitely don’t be afraid of pushing them over the edge when needed.

In an earlier article, Thinking Customer in Closing Techniques I wrote about how you can use your insights about your customer when going for the close.

If you can use these insights it will dramatically increase your sales.

//Daniel M. Wood


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