I am Sorry For My Absence

Hello Everyone.

I apologize for my absence in August.
Luckily I had posts to cover most of the month but I was away.

The 13th of August I got married!

But now I am back and it is time to get everything started.
We will have multiple very interesting launches this fall.

Hope you have all had a nice summer!


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10 Responses to I am Sorry For My Absence

  1. Timo Kiander says:

    Congratulations Daniel!

    That is wonderful news :)


  2. Congratulations Daniel! What a beautiful couple you make. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! :)


  3. Hi Daniel,

    Welcome back, it is good to see you again. Congratulations on your marriage and thank you for sharing the picture.
    Blessing to the two of you,

  4. THAT’s nothing to apologize for Daniel! CONGRATULATIONS!
    It’s nice to see you back!

  5. Hey bud, wow, so happy for you, and your wife is a babe!! ;-)

    Cheers brother,


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