How to Make Plans for Your Success

If you are going to succeed you need to have a set of plans to follow. You need to know where you are going, how you are going to get there and what needs to be done.
Having this manual will make the Everest of achievement almost mundane. You will be able to easily see where you are on your path and what you need to do. It takes out the mystery of success.

How is it done?
Start by projecting forward to your goals; what has had to happen? How does your world look?
Paint it as vividly as possible.

What had to happen 90 days before, for you to complete your goal?
Keep projecting back 90 days at a time until you get to the present.

That way you have a plan on what you need to do from now, until you reach your goals.

It is difficult and will take a lot of time
Guessing what will need to happen in 3 years is hard. It takes imagination, thought and planning.
But that is the whole point, you want to create a complete plan.

It will probably take you a few weeks of hard work, but the benefits are more than you can imagine.
When you know exactly what you need to do and by what date they need to be completed you will find ways, opportunities, time!, that you never believed you could.

You will work more efficiently, smarter and you will activate the subconscious mind to find solutions to your road blocks.

The plans aren’t written in stone, they will change, you will be ahead of plan, behind, and unforeseen circumstances will arise.

But because you have a plan you can update it. Every successful start up company has had a clear plan to start with, even if that isn’t where they ended up. Often the business is completely different from the one they had planned.

On the other hand, the companies that didn’t plan, that saw it as unnecessary since you do not know exactly what will happen, didn’t go anywhere, not where they wanted to and they couldn’t use unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t let this be you. Plan for you success and course correct when you need to.

Having a plan lets your proactively use situations that arise, not having a plan forces you to be reactive.
Whenever a situation arises, either positive or negative, you will have a basis on which to evaluate it. How can you use this situation to move you towards your goals? What problems need solving? Where are we going exactly? Do we need to change our plans?

The ability to update your plans based on reality is an as important part of your success as any.

If you do not have a plan, you do not know where you are going, you do not know what needs to be done and you do not know what opportunities are drawing you away from you plans and which are helping you.
By having a plan you can use (or discard) ever opportunity so that it works into your master plan.

Start by seeing your goal and start projecting back 90 days at a time writing down exactly what needs to be done in each step.

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13 Responses to How to Make Plans for Your Success

  1. Sweet plan here Daniel. I’ve not done something like this so it’s great to hear it from you as you plan better than any guy I think I know. Tell me, since you started blogging, did the plans you wrote done in your 90 day increments work out well or have you had to revamp often?

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Yes and no.
      I have spent a lot of time planning and the planning has given me a lot of innovative ideas, for example the podcast I am starting and videos I will be publishing along with a few surprises I won’t give away yet ;)

      I have accomplished many of my goals, I am ahead of some and behind on others, so I have had to remake a few of my plans. But since I made them I have moved forward a lot faster than before and I have a plan to update.

      This way I know that I am still on target for my long term goals.
      It is just short term corrections that I have had to make.

      Hope this answers your question and motivates you to take this step as well.


  2. For me the act of planning is to create a future that I want. It’s then an active state of evocation to make that happen which is the fuel that makes it all happen.

    The value of planning is to provide focus for the creative manifestation of a person’s intent and will. Without that, it’s all words of paper.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Martin,

      Good point. You need to actually do something with the plan and it has to be something you really want.
      It takes hard work, even with a perfect plan, maybe especially with a perfect plan.


  3. Evan says:

    “The planning is everything, the plan is nothing”.

    For me the major use of planning is to help me prioritise so that I know what my next step (or three is). After this things tend to change – I mean in dynamic fields like blogging – so anything more is just wasted effort really.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Evan,

      I both agree with you and not.
      Knowing your next 3 steps is crucial if you are to succeed but if you plan to build a long term business you need to make a plan for how you are going to make money, how to build long term readership, your sales funnel, your marketing and so on.

      You will of course need to change this plan as new opportunities arise (like when twitter entered the stage) but having a plan in place will let you take a proactive approach to these opportunities instead of reacting and you will be able to incorporate it into the rest of your actions so that you get a synergy effect from all your activities.

  4. Vickie says:

    Hello Daniel

    Planning is so important because it is calling together all of the intention in the universe and yourself. Acting on a plan empowers its intention and observing your results, course correcting and monitoring you plan gives you confidence as you unfold and empower you dreams. Planning is magical and important.



  5. Hi Daniel,
    I agree with Martin that it is the action that is the most important thing that brings a plan to life but it is the act of planning that helps us develop our thinking and be more prepared for the road ahead. Like the US General and president Eisenhower said “The plan is useless; it’s the planning that’s important.”


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Great point Adrian.
      Making a plan helps us see the opportunities and use them. But of course, if you don’t do anything with it, nothing will ever happen.


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