Don’t Be Afriand To Ask For The Order

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One of the greatest fears of many salesmen is to go for the close once you have built up a great report with a customer.
Scary Scene
Everything is going so well you have gone through all aspects of the product and you and the customer even started talking about other things.

It would be so horrible if the close attempt ruined this, reminded the customer that you are a salesman and makes them mad.

Lets look at what happens if you don’t go for the close.

Once in a while the customer might actually say; “Okej, you convinced me. Where is the contract!”

Usually though, they will say; “Thank you very much for coming, I’ll get back to you once we have gone through this more thoroughly.”
And you never hear from them again, they don’t answer your calls and not your emails.

They decided to say no, but because they liked you they don’t dare to say it to your face.

But if you do go for the close what might just happen is that they say yes!

If you go around and you are this really nice salesman you will make lots of friends, people will love you. But you won’t make any sales. You won’t make any money and you won’t be doing your job.

What good is it that you get all these great connections if they don’t lead to anything and if you can’t profit from it?

The worst thing that can happen if you go for the close is that they say “no”. The best is that they say “yes.
The bottom line though is that your chances of getting a sale is much bigger if you do ask for it.

There is of course another side of this coin.

Sometimes the customer doesn’t know how to buy your product!
They don’t know what to do and don’t want to feel stupid saying something like; “Okej, what do we do now?”
No, they want you to show them the way and take charge.

If you don’t they will not even get the chance to buy your product.



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