Does an Abundance Mentality Work?

Many of us who work with personal development talk about the importance of an abundance mentality.
That there isn’t a limit to the possibilities and that you should help, praise and be happy for everyones successes.

You should work together with and open doors for others if you can since it will help you in the end.

But when I work with companies and professionals around the globe this mentality is often questioned.
Does it really work in regular business? Can you share with your competition? Don’t you need to tooth and nail compete?

The real question for today is, “what is an abundance mentality and does it really work to have an abundance mentality in business”?


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2 Responses to Does an Abundance Mentality Work?

  1. Ashvini says:

    Hi Daniel,

    You raised a question that becomes complex for people to understand when we talk about sharing with competition.
    I think one example I can think of is IBM, which shares many things with the world which includes competition as well. In the last 100 years they have been at the forefront of technology that has changed lives.
    I think their objective of sharing things with everyone has made them bigger and bigger and earned them huge reputation. I think this is a good strategy. Also they work on constantly improving their technology on which they make money and the older technology gets shared.
    So my opinion, yes we should share things with the world in “the IBM way”. What do you say?

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Ashvini,

      Great point, IBM have really done a great job with it.
      The flip company would be Apple we close down all there things, which has worked well too.

      There are different ways of looking at life but I think sharing lets us together reach a better future which is the most important thing.

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