Break The Negative Thought Pattern

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One of the biggest social problems of the age is depression.
We keep focusing on the negatives, our problems. Instead of working to solve them, instead of focusing on the positive.

The prblem is that somewhere deap down, people don’t think they deserve success or happiness.
In every one of us lives a critic. All day we hear about what we could have done or said. At the same time, life is tough. The world doesn’t cut you any slack and keeps saying that we aren’t enough. This often starts an evil cycle; inside you someone is saying you are not enough and from without you keep getting feedback that you are no good.

It is important that you take control over your own thoughts. You cannot control the outside world, but you can control yourself.
Focus on what you do well and how you can improve.

I learned a technique a few years back that has really helped me, it feels kind of stupid, and in many ways is. But it helps.

The mind is a simple tool. Baseb on the knowledge that the mid only ca hold one though pattern at a time, either positive or negative.

If you let the critic take control a negative pattern will start,

To stop this, start telling yourself “I like myself”. This counters the negative thoughts and helps your confidence, starting you on a more positive thought pattern.
Doing this has really helped me, every day I tell myself that I am good and all day I work hard to prove it.

It is very easy to fall into the over analytic negative thought pattern, but stay at it and you will become more happy and prepared for each day.

//Daniel M. Wood


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2 Responses to Break The Negative Thought Pattern

  1. I really liked this article Daniel. For some reason, certain people make it out to be a sin to ‘like yourself’. I think such a paradigm is ridiculous. Heck, I not only like myself, but I love myself! :-) I love what I do. I love where I’m going. And I love that I’ve been given certain tools, skills, and talents to get there. Good stuff my friend.

  2. Daniel M. Wood says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for visiting and thank you for leaving a comment.

    Like you say, it has become taboo to “like yourself”. The one thing holding people back is that they don’t feel like they deserve success and aren’t good enough to achieve it.

    It is great to hear that you “love” yourself ;)
    I’m sure it is one of the main reasons you are doing as well as you are.


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