Hit Your Customers Sweet Spot

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As you know I have spent the last several years trying to sell products to customers.
In that time I have done a lot of things wrong, luckily I have done a few things right.

One thing I learned early was that the people I sell to, are in fact people!

This is of course very obvious, but when we start selling, we often forget it.
Customers become accounts and accounts get ranked. We forget that the true story, is the story of selling products to PEOPLE.

After talking to thousands of customers I often have a lot of problems remembering that customers are in fact people. They all give me the same answers, questions, problems and react very similarly to my comments, answers and jokes.

It is important to remember that your customers are people and that people are unique. Even though they sound the same, they don’t think the same. You have to find each customers unique sweet spot, the argument that will get this specific person to react and buy.

2 years ago I was introduced to a book, this book changed my sales career. It helped me understand my customers on a whole new level and connect with them in a much more effective way.

It was when I was studying marketing at Berghs School of Hitting the sweet spotCommunication. We were working on consumer insights and my teacher advised us to read the book ” Hitting the Sweet Spot: How Consumer Insights Can Inspire Better Marketing and Advertising” by Lisa Fortini-Campbell.

As it turns out it gives great advice and exercises on how to understand and connect with your customers.
I must say that it was on to basic a level for someone working in marketing, but for a salesman it gives all the tools you need to understand and find the pressure points to use on a customer.

If you like me are interested in becoming better at finding out what your customer needs to hear I really can advise you to read the book.

  • It starts out by laying out the basics of the book and the idea behind understanding your customers. The value of the knowledge.
  • It goes on to give you a better understanding of people in general and hands you a few exercises that you can use to become better and faster at identifying the sweet spots of your customers.
  • As an extra touch Lisa hands you her ideas translated by other well known people. The best part is written by a fellow salesman in the radio commercial business who talks about how he implements Lisa´s ideas in his every day sales activities.

I really recommend this book and hope you take a look.
Hitting the Sweet Spot: How Consumer Insights Can Inspire Better Marketing and Advertising
Good luck to you!



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