Film Review: The Secret

Most of you have probably heard of the secret or heard of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction
At its core it says thoughts attract.
It builds upon the old saying “Thoughts become things” or as the Buddha said it “With our thoughts, we make the world”.

You have probably seen this happen without reflecting on it.
Maybe you have been thinking about something you have wanted for a long time, you feel it with a very strong emotion and then out of nowhere someone gives you it as a present.
Or you could be thinking about a friend and all of a sudden the phone rings or someone starts talking to you about that old friend.

For me the strongest experience I have had with the Law of Attraction was when I met my wife.
I had been without a girlfriend for a long time and really wanted one. I had spoken to my friends about it but not really done anything to rectify the situation.

On a Monday though I made my decision and told them that by next Tuesday I would have a girlfriend. They asked me how I planned to accomplish that and I told them that I had no idea.

The weekend went and nothing happened.
Monday I had a baseball game and there she was. She was a friend of one of my teammates and we started talking and became a couple the next day, I had made a wish and all of a sudden it became reality.

I believe The Law of Attraction is both true and false
Let me explain;
The Law of Attraction says that which you dwell upon will become your reality – this I believe.
It says you will get what you dwell upon because the universe will re-arrange itself to make your dreams reality – I do not believe this.

Instead I believe that if you believe in the Law of Attraction and follow its rules you will take more responsibility, you will be more positive, you will take more action and you will constantly be thinking about your goals and how to achieve them, you will also activate the Subconscious mind which will work tirelessly to bring you those brilliant flashes of insight you need to complete you goals.

If you keep in mind that you are attracting situations into your life, based on what you think about most of the time, you will stop thinking about the negative, you will focus on the positive and you will do everything in your power to bring you goals into your reality.

When you start following The Law of Attraction you start to take responsibility for your life, you start to understand that someone else won’t and can’t bring you your goals, it is up to you. You can attract the opportunities you want, you can take the actions necessary, and you can make the whole difference.

How this ties into the story about my wife
In many ways it seemed as though fait had brought us together that day. She hadn’t spoken to my teammate for about 3 years, she missed her train and didn’t know how to get to the field, luckily my teammate’s father drove back and picked her up and to top it off, she had just broken up with her ex.

I in turn almost missed the game myself.

But this kind of chance meets happen all the time, the difference was that this time I decided to take action. I decided to talk to her and let myself crash and burn if it happened.
Because I had set that goal and made that commitment I had more courage and I took more action.

Whether you believe it or not it is worth respecting
The Secret has spawned a whole line of personal development writing and research, people have achieved and experienced amazing things thanks to it.

Living by the law lets you take control over your life, be more confident and in the end happier, which is the most important thing.

If you haven’t seen The Secret or read the Book I must implore you to do so, whether you then chose to believe or not, the lessons you will learn make the small investment of time and money more than worth it.

Watch the Secret


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