Why You Can Succeed

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If you put your mind to it you can accomplish almost anything.
The human mind has the capacity to accomplish much more than we every give it credit for.

If you put you mind to the task and work on it long enough and hard enough I can all but guarantee you that you will succeed.

The biggest problem for most people is that they don’t dare to dream, usually out of fear of failure.
If you are to be a success and accomplish your dreams you first have to set your goals.
Once you know what you want and what you deem success you can start working towards it.

If you every day take on step towards your goal you will reach it, faster than you can ever imagine.

As it has been said many times, “even the longest journey starts with one small step”.
If you just keep at it and work towards your goals doing something every day, you will make it, sooner or later.

One thing that hold many back is their fear of failure. Because of this fear they don’t dare set goals that are worth accomplishing.
“If you aim for the stars you will reach the treetops, but if you aim for a blade of grass you might just make it”.
It is an old saying and what is sad is that most of us only aim for the blade of grass, not daring to really go after the stars.

I have a friend who as a 15 year old decided that he was going to retire at 30 years of age.
He told everyone this and most of us laughed.

But he went to work and tried to figure out how he could retire at 30.
He first learned that he would need a lot of money, he set his goal at 3 million dollars.

Then he started working on how he best could make 3 million dollars.
After reading about a lot of different professions, he decided that the best way for him to make 3 million was by investing in stocks.

He asked his parents for books about stocks and started reading. By the time he was seventeen he had made his first 1000 dollars off of the stock market.

He had his ups and downs, but ended up starting a multi million dollar business and sold it for 5 million dollars at the age of 32.

He missed his goal, but if he hadn’t set such a high goal and worked on it every day until he achieved it he probably would still be working and have many years left before retirement.

I use this story just to illustrate that it doesn’t matter where you are now, it is where you are going that makes the difference.
Don’t sell yourself short.

Dare to dream and than start doing something to make those dreams become reality.



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