The Word Outstanding – Out-Standing – Becoming Successful

Last week I was thinking about what to write and what I felt that I should share.

I started thinking about the word outstanding;
What does it take to be great?
What does it take to be outstanding?

I then realized that the word itself is the answer, Out-standing!

To succeed you need to do something different than everyone else.
To achieve extra ordinary results in life you need to use your unique set of abilities to succeed, this cannot be done by following the herd and doing the same as everyone else, if everyone else is doing something it will be near impossible to become the best at it.

When you are unique that is when you have a chance to go from average too outstanding.

4 ways to stand out

1. What makes you unique?
The answer to this question will make a huge difference for your future.
Most people don’t have the ability to asses themselves, if you can practice that ability and learn what you are good at and what makes you unique, you will be way ahead of the pack.

When you know what makes you unique you can start thinking about how to use those abilities to do something that no one else can do can do and create something amazing.

2. Go the extra distance
Are you looking at the clock waiting for the work day to be over?
Most people do.

The ones who don’t though, the ones who work hard all day, they are the most successful people in your industry.

You might as well work hard all day since you need to be there anyway.
By going the extra mile and giving 110% every day will make you one of the top 10% in your industry.

3. Read 1 hour/day
Knowledge is power it is said and it is true.
Reading increases your vocabulary and if you read about your chosen industry increases your competence and ability. By reading 1 hour/day you will quickly become one of the most knowledgeable and therefore most valuable people in your industry.

4. Work out daily
Staying in shape makes an incredible difference for your success. It increases your energy levels and it makes you look better, sadly people care a lot about how you look, so by looking a little better you will get more opportunities.

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2 Responses to The Word Outstanding – Out-Standing – Becoming Successful

  1. Paul Castain says:

    I love the question “What makes you unique?”

    There’s an interesting opportunity in there in that many times we fail to realize that a perceived weakness might actually be your “charm” and what makes you stand out.

    Your post today certainly stood out Daniel . . . well done :)

    Paul Castain

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