See The World Through The Eyes Of our Consumers

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Okej, Sit back and think like your customer.
This one act of trying to “become” your customer is going to increase your sales exponentially.

Most salesman are only after trying to sell to our customers. Trying to as quickly as possible make as much money as possible from them.
What if you could be different? What if you could be the one salesman that your customer sees as a business partner and not as a salesman?
What if he or she came to you when he had a question about something in you market?

If you ever set a goal for a customer this is what it would be.
You want to be their partner, their friend, someone they trust and who they are loyal to.An Idea is formed

The funny thing is, is that it really is very easy to become this partner.

If you can make your goal; Solve their problems, cater to their needs.
Instead of, “TAKE THEIR MONEY!”

By spending enough time on background work, learning about your customer and seeing the world through their eyes you can make sure you are the one vendor that they trust.

Learning this art is all but easy though.
But their are some exercises you can do to learn.

First of all, find 5 customers that you think are a good fit for your product.
Study them and se what type of companies they are and find lots of great reasons for them to use you. Then take it one step further, find 3 good reasons for them to need you.
3 reasons that might make them call you instead of you calling them. Put yourself in their situation.

Now lift the phone, knock on the door and talk to them.
Ask them about their company, their problems their needs and so on.
Basically interview them about their lives. Get to know what they need.
Tell them that you will get back to them with a solution to their problems.

Now corss referense your findings. What type of people where they? How did their lives look? How does their work lives look? What are their dreams? Their biggest proffesional fears? The problems for their company in the marketplace?

If you spend enough time you can create a mental image of your regular customer. Now put together a presentation of your product that solves these problems. If you noticed that their were different types of customers, with different types of needs.
Make different presentations!

Now call those five customers back and show them what you’ve done.
If might not work he first time, but using your newly found insight into your consumers lives will lead to a deaper relationship with them and of course a lot more sales. Probably best of all is thatyou will get a lot more repeat customers which is always the best source of good income.

I have done this exercise many times and it has gone very well and has taught me a lot.
If you do try it please leave me a comment, send me an email and tell me how it went.



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