Product Review: Real Mind Power Secrets

Psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were the ones who really started digging into the subconscious mind.

They proved that the mind is many levels deep.
It isn’t only the conscious mind but also your subconscious and the ego.

The Subconscious
If you think of your mind as a computer;
Your conscious mind is like the RAM-memory and your subconscious your hard drive.

Your subconscious saves everything that happens to you, it registers every conversation, every visual perception, while your conscious only deals with what is relevant to you right now.

While the conscious mind needs to sleep, it needs to reboot, clear itself out.
The subconscious only needs to get a chance to format itself, dream, once in a while so that it stores everything in the most efficient way.

Your 24 hour computer
Your subconscious works 24 hours/day.
While your conscious mind needs sleeps, relaxation and is easily confused by clutter, your subconscious works all the time, night and day and has a much better focus.

If you get a thought, dream or hope lodged into your subconscious it will work on the problem single-mindedly until it has reached a solution.

That is where your flashes of inspiration come from, whenever you have a break through idea or the thought to call someone and it turns out they have an opportunity for you or an opportunity seems to fall right into your lap.
That is your subconscious working, finding opportunities, feeding you the solutions it comes up with.

The first time I realized this power was when I was 13 years old
As a kid I played a lot of baseball.
Every season I would work hard and slowly improve during the season.
What I noticed though was that my biggest advances where during the off-season.

I remember one year, I had been cut in the last round of try outs for the Swedish national cadet team (Kids under 15 years old), at the time I was 13. The problem I was told was my batting. I played good defense, pitched well, but couldn’t hit.

I was so angry, I couldn’t stop thinking about improving my swing, hitting better. I never touched a bat during the off-season but when I got back after the brake; all of a sudden I was one of the best hitters in the league.

My Subconscious Mind had been working on my swing all off season, improving it. Looking at old pitches, correcting my technique and all of a sudden I was a good hitter.

How to use The Subconscious Mind
To activate The Subconscious you need to plant the seeds you want in it. You have to let it understand what it is you want to improve. To get something from the conscious mind into the subconscious requires that you think of it continuously for a long period of time and enforce it with strong emotions.

If you can hold a goal in your mind firmly for days and keep a positive attitude when thinking about it, slowly the thought will take root in the subconscious.

That is why we work so much with goal setting; it helps force your goals into your subconscious.

Opening up a direct line to the subconscious
I have been taking the “Real Mind Power Secrets” course for the last several months. It teaches how to create a direct line to your subconscious.

You learn to lower yourself into the Alpha state, the state your mind is in when you are dreaming, but still keeping the conscious mind in control and awake.
When you do this it is like opening a direct line to the subconscious, you can send it messages directly which gets it working on your most important tasks.

The Real Mind Power Secrets
During the six month program you will learn how to lower yourself into alpha state, but that is only the beginning. You will learn how to program your subconscious, how to start drawing opportunities to you, how to increase your mental power and how to improve your luck.

It starts by explaining the benefits of the program and why you should go through the exercises.
I do think the beginning of the course oversells the effects you get but the benefits I have seen have been incredible.

The 3 main benefits
1. You open a direct line to the subconscious and can program it to work directly on your goals.

2. You rewrite your inner dialogue into a positive one, one who sees opportunity instead of problem. It helps you gain clarity and motivation which makes you a lot more positive.

3. Just like meditating when you go down into alpha just 10 minutes in alpha mode replenishes the emotional energy banks as much as 1 hour of sleep.
When I feel tired I often take a break to put myself into alpha and replenish my energy.
It works like a charm.

What I don’t like
I do think they oversell what you can do with your mind. I do not believe that it is possible to train the mind to bend bars. What you can do with the mind is amazing enough; I don’t think you need to oversell it.

That said, I think this program can really teach you a lot about yourself and your own potential.

What results you can expect
1. You will feel more positive and motivated
The program helps you rewrite your inner dialogue to a positive one which will make you more positive and will help you focus on your goals.

2. You will activate the subconscious
This will give you flashes of inspiration which can quickly move you towards your goals.

3. You activate the Law of Attraction
A lot of visualizing is incorporated into this program. When you do this while meditating it becomes even stronger and more vivid which will activate an even more powerful form of the Law of Attraction.

Move faster towards your goals
As you can see the benefits of this program are multiple.
When you start this journey you will quickly be able to accomplish your goals; Increasing your income, bank account, making you happier, finding love, improving your luck and so on.

You will earn back the initial investment (Only 97 dollars for the whole 6 month course!) in no time.

I am really glad I joined this course and I look forward to seeing what more they have.
Join the “Real Mind Power Secrets” Course today!

P.S. If you are doubtful about self-hypnosis, so was I when I started the course, try it out.
Worst case scenario you have programmed your subconscious to work on your goals, best case scenario all their promises are true.
In either case your small investment will be earned back within the first month of joining.
Join the “Real Mind Power Secrets” Course today!


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5 Responses to Product Review: Real Mind Power Secrets

  1. Bill Dorman says:

    Interesting concept; there is so much noise to deal with sometimes it is hard to extract what we need from the subconscious mind. I would definitely like to follow your progress with it and hear what your results and benefits are 90 days from now.

    I totally agree by thinking and doing something in a repetitive fashion you can make it a habit but it does take a concentrated effort to make it happen.

    Good to see you Daniel, hope all is well.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Bill,

      I’ll let you know but so far the benefits have been great.
      I am more focused and calmer, I have had some incredible ideas (which you will get to know more about in the future) as a result of this program.

  2. Kenya says:

    Thank you for writing about the subconscious. I will definitely go back over this article later today when I have some more time. Many of the things you are talking about here is what I was discovering while trying to learn lucid dreaming. You have cleared some things up for me. Will be back later ;-)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Kenya,

      The subconscious is very interesting.
      You can really benefit a lot from activating it. I have studied it a lot but the exercises I have gotten from the Mind Power Secrets program have really helped me.

      Have you tried any of these exercises?

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