Podcast: Sales Management With Kelley Robertson

We will take a short break in the motivational series for a interview with sales trainer Kelley Robertsom of Fearless Selling.ca.

This was a great interview and I think you will find it very useful and educational.

You can find the newsletter Kelley talks about in the podcast here, “100 Ways to Increase Your Sales.”

Here is the review I wrote of Kelley’s book Power Selling.

Thank youfor listening.
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3 Responses to Podcast: Sales Management With Kelley Robertson

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Great chat with Kelley. What I really like is what he has learnt about making lasting change……do one thing at a time, go as slow as you need to and take people with you. Great advice.


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Adrian,
      It was very interesting to speak with him.
      He has done a lot and learned much as a sales trainer.

      I agree that was some great advice to take it one step at a time.

      Have you ever done that same mistake, trying to change to much too fast?

      • Daniel,
        I’ve often made this mistake in different areas and projects. Just gotta try and stay alert and see the signs to avoid crashing. It’s all a learning process.


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