Personal Development – Where do You Start?

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Personal development is a large subject ranging from developing your business skills, becoming better at communicating, learning goal setting, time management, planning and many different things.

A question I often get is, where do you start?
I have heard many different answers to this question and I have given many different sets of advice to it, but today I want to hear what you think.

Should you start with goal setting? Time Management? Communication Skills? Stress Management? The Law of Attraction?

What do you think?


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9 Responses to Personal Development – Where do You Start?

  1. Kamil Ali says:

    Thanks for sharing the thought! Daniel

    I’ll start from idea and will put it into my marketing instinct too see whether the idea is effective or not!

    Let me Retweet your post and see what other thinks!

  2. Ahmed Dawod says:

    I advise you to start always Soft Skills courses
    they give a great help to improve yourself

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Ahmed.

      Would you like to expand on that, what Soft skill course?
      What kind of improvement can you expect?

      Thanks a lot for stopping by!

      • Ahmed Dawod says:

        The most useful ones are
        Communication Skills
        How to think creatively
        How to deal with people

        and one of the most important (I think)
        How To Say NO

        Other useful skills you should learn:

        How to use Google to find whatever you want

  3. Hey Daniel,
    I start with tenacity and begin anew every morning and try to give each day my best shot. Some days the results are better than others.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Riley,

      That sounds like a great way to start your morning. Every day is a new beginning!

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