Music for the Soul

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To function at our highest level we need to relax and reduce our stress levels at regular intervals.

All too often we let our stress spiral out of control.
When that happens are heart rate goes up, our health gets worse, we become more prone to sickness, our productivity goes down and our creativity becomes impaired.

Finding peace and calm is something we all need, and it is especially important in the hectic environment this age has become.

Classical Music
I understood the power of classical music about a year ago.

I was incredible stressed and had trouble focusing.
One day I decided to listen to some classical music and I felt the stress just rinse off.
It was an incredible feeling, all the bottled up stress I had been carrying with me for months, just start dissipating and I found myself able to focus on what needed to be done.

The act of letting go gave me the clarity I needed to start removing the objects of stress from my path and move on with my life.
Something I was completely unable to do when stress was dominating my life.

It brings calm
Classical music is written to touch the soul and affect the senses.
If you close your eyes and listen, you will feel it.

When stress becomes smaller you become happier and happiness starts a positive circle.
When you are happy you will start attracting more opportunities and reasons to be happy.

Focus and Creativity
It has been proven that classical music increases our ability to focus and be creative. This is something you can use while working. If you are trying to do something creative, like write, design, plan and so on. Listening to some classical music can really help.

If you are stuck, try it out. Listen for 5 minutes and then get back to work.

It increases our ability to learn
Studies have proved that if you listen to classical music while trying to learn your ability to absorb the information increases.

Sadly I do not remember the name of the person who did this experiment.
But a man in the 50-70s made extensive research into how we learn and how we can increase our ability to absorb information.
He concluded that classical music helps increase the ability to learn and when used correctly (with his other findings) he was able to teach people during a 1 day class as much as they usually learned in a 6 months term (He taught them language classes). And what was even more impressive was that when tested 12 months later the people who learned with his methods remembered more of the new language than those who had studied for 6 months.

How to use this
You can use classical music to relax, increase your productivity and increase your learning ability.

- Listen to classical music once in a while just to relax, spend 10 minutes listening to it with your eyes shut and let it wash over you.
- Listen to it while studying or reading, just have it in the background, it is proven to help.

I like Vivaldi
Personally my favorite composer is Vivaldi; his symphonies are always positive and have a lifting effect for me.

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41 Responses to Music for the Soul

  1. Frank says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more. Whenever I need a little inspiration music is the first thing I look to. Music carries so much emotion and classical music is the best type of music I have found to set a creative tone because classical music is so creative in itself. The sound of numerous instruments combined to create a harmonious melody is amazing to me. I will take you up on this challenge and remember to listen to the music anytime life gets me a little stressed. Thanks!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Welcome to looking to business Frank.
      Thanks a lot for commenting.

      I am glad you are going to try it out. Classical music really helps me and I think anyone could benefit from it.

      What do you do today to relax?

      • Frank says:


        I actually write. Writing to me is very therapeutic because I have the ability to say and create whatever I want. I also am a big fan of Man vs Wild on the Discovery Channel. :-)

        • When you write, what is it you write?
          Is it for your blog or more like a diary?

          I have found writing relaxing as well, but even more so for me is reading. I read about 1 hour per day about personal development, it helps me unplug and remember the values and benefits of what I am doing.

          • Frank says:

            I write mostly for my blog. I will quickly get an idea for some type of analogy tied to personal development is some way and write until my wrist hurts. Most of it will never be seen by the world because it is raw, unedited and gibberish (lol) but I guess my blog is my electronic journal.(diary sounds like a girls book.) :-)

  2. Daniel,
    I love classical music! Apart from dance music (and maybe Greek music) it’s the only kind I enjoy! They say Mozart is very good to listen to.
    When my son was in High School, his math teacher used to play classical music during class. Smart teacher!
    I must try Vivaldi! Thanks!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Lori.

      Interesting that you mention your sons math teacher. Since it is proven to increase learning ability it would be interesting to see if her classes got a higher score than others, and to see if it is because she is a better teacher or if it is because of the music.

      Hope you like Vivaldi, I love Mozart too :)

  3. Dia says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Just found your blog through your guest post at Bryan’s blog. I personally love music! Music is known to relax us and to give us serenity. I like classical music too such as Mozart and Bach. Relaxation music is very much helpful during meditation as well as it helps us to clear our thoughts. Thanks Daniel for sharing

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Dia,

      Welcome to Looking to Business.
      Thanks for commenting on your first visit :)

      Do you mediate often?
      I don’t do it enough myself, but when I do it (and succeed) it really helps you relax and it feels as though the mind gets a chance to “rebuild” itself.

  4. Hi Daniel,
    It’s in our DNA to be be soothed by music. I like classical. I remember once , on a cloudy overcast day, I was in a funk and turned on the car radio and a John Phillips Sousa footstomping march was playing. My mood was instantly transformed. Bagpipes always make me feel good. There is some primal need that is met by music.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      I agree Riley.
      Music really helps. I was once told about a japanese study into the affects of music on water, since water makes up 70-80% of our mass what affects water should affect us.

      They proved that different types of music made the water behave in different ways.

      Classical music proved to sooth the molecules helping them move like a symphony, hard metal music destroyed the molecules.

      Their theory was that our mood would be affected in different ways because of the way water reacted.

  5. Classical music is definitely a great way to calm the nerves. I used to use classical music before I started to meditate.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Have you found medidation more efficient?
      What differences have you noticed in your life since you started meditating?

  6. Bill Park says:


    Once upon a time, during my college days, the times I chose classical music as my white noise for studying, I always performed better on the exams. At least once a week, I’ll tune into our local classical music station just to be amazed…

    Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Bill,

      Did you realize that it helped to listen to classical music? Did you start using it for every exam?

      It is interesting to see that it does help.

      • Bill Park says:

        If I was interested in the class I naturally put more effort into the result, which is when I would create a study environment that allowed me to have better focus, and part of that environment was the classical white noise. At that time, I didn’t correlate the two, I just did it because it felt right.


        • Daniel M. Wood says:

          That is usually how it works isn’t it. We do something that feels natural and it turns out it was the exact right thing to do.

  7. ruzanne says:

    Hello again, Daniel! Nice piece here! I remember listening to classical music during my second pregnancy. I’ve heard it does wonders to the baby inside the tummy, relaxes them or something. It turned out to be relaxing for me as well. Stopped listening when I gave birth and haven’t had a chance to do so again. But I do listen to music to relax. As in just turn the music on and do nothing but listen. Tho’ I feel guilty at times of trying to intellectualize the pieces I’m listening to, as opposed to just listening to how it is. Hehehe! My choices would be Frank Sinatra and Satchmo Armstrong. They’re so easy on the ears and the soul. Loved them since I was a kid… love them even more that I’ve got kids! :)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Good point Ruzanne.
      You don’t have to listen to classical music to relax. Frank Sinatra is great!
      I think it is very important to find something that you can use to just unplug and relax.

  8. Jk Allen says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Music does a lot for me. It can instantly change my mood and focus. I don’t listen to classical, but I’ve heard so many times how classical and put you into a meditative state, calming your mind, allowing you to focus beyond “normal”.

    Thank out for sharing this and I’m going to have t be myself some Bach, or whatever I can find!

    Thank you for sharing this, very informative!

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey JK,

      Most music makes me happy, especially a song that has been in a movie I like. It bring the feelings of that movie back.

      Try classical it really works well for me, maybe it can for you as well.

  9. Samuel says:

    I love listening to music because it’s the food for the soul :) I wonder how life will be without music! Woo….. I don’t listen to classical music that much. I guess I need to start paying attention to it now! Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun :)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Samuel,

      Thanks for commenting my friend.
      Most any music does enduces an emotional response, just pick the feeling you need, match it with music and you will feel better.

  10. Jason says:


    Enjoyed your post. I read somewhere last year where this was studied. The results specifically pointed out the music from the Baroque (Vivaldi) era was best for studying and working . I usually launch Pandora, create a station (Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, or Bach) and go to work.

    BTW, this is my first visit to your site. Found my way here via your comments on I like to let people know how I discovered their site.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Jason,

      Welcome to Looking to Business.
      Thank you very much for commenting and letting me know how you found this site.

      That is interesting that it was the baroque era that is supposed to work the best, it is my favorite and I feel most focused when working with it on in the background.

      Have you noticed a positive difference when using classical music?

      • Jason says:

        For me, I think my mind wonders too much. Without music, I’ll lose focus on a task because I’m thinking of so many other things. With “regular” music, I may be singing along in my head. Also, music conjures up memories, so listening to older songs makes me think of old friends. With classical music, my mind seems to stay focused on the task at hand.

        So long story short – yes, I have noticed a positive difference.

        • Daniel M. Wood says:

          That is awesome Jason and I completely agree, I often start singing along, reliving old memories, but classical music doesn’t have that affect even though I have some awesome childhood memories connected to classical music, they don’t seem to surfice.

          How did you start using classical music?

  11. Hi Daniel

    I agree you on your choice. I love Vivaldi. I am actually listening to his four seasons as I read this and I find it my creative music. I also love Handel.

    The good thing about the music is that it harmonises with our bodily rhythms and thats why we find our brain cells moving from the beta mode, down to the delta, alpha and even theta modes.

    I think the most amazing thing about classical music is its endurability. Its hundreds of years old. Can you imagine listening to Britney and Beyonce is 400 years time when people are still listening to this wonderful gift?


    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Michael,

      That is so cool that you are listening to the music right now. I am a big fan of Handel as well.

      How did you stat using classical music to help your creativity?

      • I never really started it to develop creativity per se Daniel. As I grew older my appreciation for things like red wine and classical music grew. The more I listened to it the more I found a sense of deeper connection and peace within.

        Put it down to wonders of age :)

        • Daniel M. Wood says:

          Aging doesn’t have to be bad ;)
          I understand what you mean Michael and I agree most things need to marinate and you will learn to improve.

  12. I love aging Daniel. Life has just got better :)

  13. Timo Kiander says:


    Great stuff!

    Music is a great way for relaxation and for getting inspiration.

    Although I haven’t listened classical music too much, I’ll have to give it a try!

    Personally I’m really into something atmospheric (and instrumental) dance music – many times just some cold chills go down my spine when I listen to that kind of stuff. It is that good :)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Timo,

      I like dance as well :)
      Though that is kind of the problem, like me and Jason discussed above I often find myself singing along or reliving old memories which keeps me from focusing on the task at hand.

      Have you had that problem?

  14. Timo Kiander says:


    I have realized that I’m unable to focus on my work is when I listen to a music with singing. Instrumental music seems to suit better, if I want to focus on stuff.

    Otherwise I concentrate on words too much and I’m unable to get things done.

  15. Dakota says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I play the piano and violin, so I know a little about classical music. I like to play it, but my parents are the ones that love to listen to it. :) My mom and I are reading this post together and she completely agrees with you. It is relaxing, and soothes her soul. She says she played a lot of classical music when she was pregnant with each of us and afterwards too. She had read that it was “brain stimulating” for young minds. (her words not mine) :) We both thank you for this post.
    Piano Lesson Girl,
    Dakota (and her mom)

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hey Dakota.

      Thank you so much for sharing that.
      I have also heard about the values of listening to classical music while pregnant and believe it works, I also consider it to be a proof that it classical music helps you be more creative.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      I hope to see you both again here in the future.

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