Motivation – How Do You Keep It Up All Day?

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Endurance is a problem most people face.
How can you stay at your best all day?

In my experience the simple answer is;
You can’t!

The complicated answer is;
You can!

Let me elaborate.
It is impossible to stay focused and completely motivated all day of every day.
But it is possible to keep a steady motivation level, with peaks instead of pits.

This way of thinking really helps me.
It helps me focus on working as hard as possible when it is tough and capitalizing on my positive energy when I am in a good mood.

The problem is that sometimes, the whole day or even whole month feels tough.

In my world I see motivation as being on many different levels:

Level 1:
Your daily mood. If you are feeling on top of the world you are motivated. If you feel down, it is harder to muster the will to work.

Level 2:
Whilst your daily mood does affect your motivation. You always have a base motivation. A ground level that you can never go below, not matter how down you feel.
It is this motivational level that you should strive to improve.

It is based on:
1. your goals
2. your dreams,
3.your sense of self
4. your belief in the possibility in making your dreams and goals reality.

1. You have to set goals for yourself.
You can’t be truly motivated if you don’t know where you are going.
Your goals should be challenging. They should push you to do all you can to complete them.
It is important that they are realistic. Their is nothing more demotivating than a goal that is impossible to complete. If you don’t believe you can complete your goal, often you end up not doing anything.

2. Dare to dream.
Children dream without fear. They don’t have to set up plans for everything, they just believe that all they wish for can Starry skycome true.
Sometimes we need to go back to the child within and dream again. If you could wave a magic wand and make your life exactly like you want it, how would it look? What would you do?

Take a second to just think about it, without questioning if it is possible. See yourself there….

Now hold on to this dream and use it to fuel your motivation. Take one step at a time towards your goal. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the complete road map. If you every day take a step towards the goal you will finally achieve it.

The alternative is not moving towards it.

3. I just completed a great exercise about finding a sense of self.
For others to love you, you need to love yourself. Focus on your positive sides and why someone would/should like you.

Now that you have found that, focus on your shortcomings. What can you improve and do better? Start working on them every day, if you take a small step every day, you will have taken a large step towards making a difference.

The exercise I just completed was making a personal mission statement you follow the easy steps and it helps you identify yourself and what you want and need to do.

4. Your belief in the possibility of completing your goals and dreams.
This is the most important part. Set your goals in a manner that you can complete them and they will help. If you don’t they will just be demotivating.

Your dreams are meant to be kind of unattainable. But take a leap of faith. Dare to believe that one day, one day you might be there. You might be in the land of your dreams.

Find solace in this and use it when you are down. When things are going tough, take the small steps you can towards reaching your dream. If you see that the course you are on right now is pointing in the completely wrong direction from your goals, maybe you should reassess where you are going. Rather than reassessing your dream.

I have still not found this balance in myself, but each day I am taking a small step towards improving my motivation.
We can never do more than take a small first step.

How about you take yours?

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