Invest In Yourself, Your Most Important Financial Asset

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Hello and thank your for reading my blog.

One question that surprisingly many people get wrong is;
What is your most important financial asset?

Your car? Your house? Your job? Other real-estate?

It is your own ability to make money!
If someone through you out of your house, took all your possessions and fired you from your job, you could still bounce back! Because you have the ability to make money!

So if you are to invest in anything, what could ever be better than investing in that ability?

The answer is nothing!

I was once told that if I spent as much money every month as I invested in my car, I would double my income within 12 months.

Now I didn’t have a car at that time, but I still got the point.
And I took it to heart. I started investing time and money in myself.
I started taking courses, reading books, reading blogs, newspapers, watched TV-shows and went to seminars.
12 months later I was making about 3 times as much money as I was before.

Because I was a lot better at what I did and because I had shown the ability to improve faster than my peers.
Walk Of Fame
I cannot promise you fortune and fame because you start investing in yourself, but the logic is quite simple. If you read a book, a good book, about an aspect of your job. You will be better at it if you take the time to learn from it.
If you are better at your job, you are worth more money to your employer and to other employers!

If you have decided to, and I hope you have, to start investing in yourself. The question is; where do you start?

The first thing you must to is set a goal.

What is it you want to accomplish with all your hard work?
Read more about Setting Goals.

Once you know what you want to accomplish start thinking about what do you need to improve to get there.
List all of the traits or abilities that will help you, and start working on them.

A great source of learning is by reading books. I find that you can learn lots about pretty much anything when reading.
(In a short article i wrote about how you can increase the amount of knowledge you gain by reading Learn To Think When Reading)

I recommend that you start with books for that reason.
If you are the type that learns more by seeing or hearing, audio books or instructional videos is probably a better way for you to learn.

One important part of learning is practicing. If you can find a good seminar in your area, it is a great place to get some more hands on experience and feeling.

But all of this is still theory and you don’t know anything until you have tested it.

When you have learned something new, try it out.
But try it out at least 10 times before you give up on it. A new technique will always fail first. You have to learn how to use it and you might be unlucky a few times. But after 10 attempts you will have had the time to evaluate the technique fairly.

Once you have you can start to incorporate the things that worked into what you do and that is when you actually start to improve. Over time you will get better and better and you will start to see a difference in your ability to do the assignments you are given.

You are now worth a lot more to your employer and like I said;
Will have the chance to increase your income.

Good Luck to you!

//Daniel M. Wood


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