How to Stop Procrastinating – The 15 Minute Method

The hard part of efficiency is breaking the habit of procrastination.
It is so easy to procrastinate on tasks, to put off tasks that we just don’t feel like doing.

The problem are the reasons we procrastinate; We don’t know how to start, the task feels to big, we don’t have the necessary knowledge to do the task or we just don’t feel like we have the energy to do it.

The problem is that these reasons all cause us to put off big tasks which are the ones that are most important for us to do.

Continuously procrastinating on tasks can have severe long term affects on your future.
That is why this method is so important, it helps us start on tasks and get things done without it feeling daunting.

The 15 Minute Method
I picked up this technique from Steve Pavlina.
It is a very powerful method if you have problems getting started on different activities. Many salesmen dread cold calling and prospecting, and lose a lot of time by loitering about instead of getting cracking at it.

I have had a lot of problems starting on tasks when I am not sure where I should being, when a task feels too large.

Others have a lot of trouble tackling uncomfortable situations like trying to resolve a confrontation, instead they put it off.

The 15-minutes method is a good solution to this problem. All you do is to promise yourself to work on a task for 15 minutes, no longer. Once you have devoted those 15 minutes you can take a break or do something you enjoy.

The promise entails that you are completely focused on your task during those 15 minutes. You do nothing else and let nothing distract you.

Start by clearing your desk and you mind, take a deep breath and set a timer for 15 minutes. Once you start the clock, get to work.

It is easy to start
As you can see it is an easy way to break procrastination, you just got to work for 15 minutes, it helps you get your momentum going and it helps you make a dent in large tasks, realize what you need to learn to do it or where you should start next time.

It helps you get rid of the reasons for procrastinating.

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4 Responses to How to Stop Procrastinating – The 15 Minute Method

  1. That’s good Daniel. The hardest part of many projects is just getting started.

  2. Timo Kiander says:


    I have heard of this tip, but never used it!

    Gotta try the next time I have troubles of starting something.


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